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Falcons, Broncos Facing Tough No-Huddle Test

When discussing the two teams facing off on Monday night, the term "no huddle" is used frequently.

The Falcons run it and have used it effectively under Matt Ryan during his four years in the league. The Broncos are introducing it this year under the direction of new quarterback Peyton Manning, the modern godfather of the no huddle in the NFL.

The ability of the Falcons to put it to work with a variety of styled athletes is why Broncos head coach John Fox thinks Atlanta is so effective with it. As the former head coach of the NFC South rival Carolina Panthers, Fox has seen Atlanta's no huddle up close and personal over the years.

"They utilized the no huddle even when I was out there," Fox said on Thursdays' conference call with the Atlanta media. "That's what makes them such a good offense. They've got the ability to get big and pound you and get small and stretch you that way. That's what good offenses are capable of and they're one of them."

Both teams' defenses face the no huddle every day in practice, allowing them more comfort with the fact-paced nature of the no huddle. Fox believes it helps a defense preparing to face a no huddle offense by seeing it regularly in practice.

"I think the old adage 'practice makes perfect' does come into play a little bit," the Denver head coach said.

Even with those practice snaps against the no huddle, a defense has to be on its toes when facing that style of offense. Denver's cornerback Champ Bailey says it can still tax even the most-prepared defenses.

"It's tougher on a defense when a team goes no huddle," Bailey said. "It tests your attention skills. It tests your conditioning and things like that. You see that tempo, you've got to be sharp. The good thing about our defense is that we've got some veterans that help everybody get lined up. We don't have a lot of issues with it. It can create some issues."

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