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Falcons at Dolphins Quoteboard

The Atlanta Falcons are on the road again as they face the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium in the third game of the 2015 preaseason. Take a look at these photos of gameday.

Head Coach Dan Quinn:

Opening Statement:"At the end of the game, the finish, that was the hardest part for us.  At the end of the third quarter we were plus two and then two turnovers later they had six points there at the end of the game. Let's give credit to Miami. They finished better than we did tonight but I want you to understand this, we'll be a team that finishes in everything that we do, in the games, in the halves, in the season so we'll be a finishing team. Let's make sure that point really gets across. I was pleased at the end of the half, (O' Brien) Schofield and (Adrian) Clayborn had back to back sacks which resulted in some points on that. Like I said, at the end we have a lot of work to do in terms of how we finish and the approach we take to go do that and with that I'll open it up for some questions regarding the game."

What was your sense of how the first team played when they were out there?
"From the offensive side I thought we were a little bit inconsistent in terms of protection and in the run game.  We had some first downs to get going to extend some and then a penalty threw us back one time, a TFL threw us back one time where we got into some negative situations in terms of down and distances. Defensively I thought on third down we made a real improvement. On special teams I couldn't be more pleased with Matt Bryant in terms of the connection he's had this training camp and in the preseason games I believe that's five for him. I just feel like Matt is really on it. Cover wise, I felt like from a cover unit and kickoff return we spent a lot of time on it this week in practice with the special teams unit, and I was pleased.

How important was it to sign Julio Jones? "One of the awesome things about him is knowing that he's going to be with us a long time. I love the competitor, the style and the effort. He really represents all the things I love about football. The attitude, the effort, the style, he's a really unique player and I can't wait to coach him for a long time."

Any updates on Tony Moeaki or Tyler Polumbus? "None yet. Tyler went back in and played some more.  Some of the other guys will take a better look tomorrow and get a chance to see. We were pleased to see Tevin Coleman get his first action a little bit tonight. We knew that was an important step for him and hopefully he'll get some more in the next game coming up on Thursday."

Are you concerned about the running attack? "It's a really important part of what we want to do so I wouldn't say concerned is the word but it's a real emphasis for the team in terms of the style and the attitude that we want to play. We really feel like for us to be able to run the ball, and for us to win it at the end of the game there's going to be times that we have to run it and finish it so the emphasis is still there but not a concern yet."

Can you talk about the pass protection issues tonight?
"No doubt we had some tonight. Again I'll go to the other side and give them some credit with the way they played tonight too. I think that's the number one thing, let's go back and take a look at it and go back and see all the areas that we can improve and that's going to be the sole focus heading into practice on Monday."

Did anything get settled in the interior tonight? "We're going to go back and look at that tonight and the way back and certainly tomorrow. There's a lot to look at there so we're anxious to see the guys that we're trying to push through tonight and see what we come up with."

Is it tough with the quick week? "Actually it's one of the challenges that comes up in the NFL. We have Thursday games, short games, Monday night games so honestly I look forward to it. It's another chance for our team to go through a different style and know we have the same approach in terms of how we go about our business. Whether it's a short week, a long week, bye weeks, Monday night games, Thursday night games, it all comes up and it's just another opportunity for us to go through that process with the guys."

Were there any players that may have helped themselves tonight? "Well, I certainly liked the style that I'm seeing from Clayborn again in terms of the style and the attitude he has. I think he has really good qualities inside. We're anxious to see Robenson (Therezie) do some things inside and anxious to see what comes from him. He's got some real stuff too. Tight End wise we're still evaluating all the way through and that's a position that we're really looking at hard."

WR Devin Hester:

On how he felt the offense performed today:
"We showed some good plays. We still left a lot out there. Its preseason you know we're still trying to clean up some of those small detail things. Like I said we made some good plays out there. We still left some out there. Its preseason we got one more game to clean all that up and we should be ready for regular season."

On how it felt to come back to where he played college at:"It felt good, whenever I get the opportunity to come back home to play ball. I had a lot of family out here today - was able to have my kids and my mom come out to the game, some of my cousins and stuff like that are now able to go out to the football game, were able to come out and get the chance to watch me play."

On his expectations for this season:"Just to be better than what we were last year. At the end of the day our number one goal is to make it to the playoffs, go to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. Every year that's the biggest expectation is to make it to the Super Bowl and win and feed off that."

QB Matt Ryan:
On where he is now versus where he would like to be:"Obviously you are always trying to improve going into the regular season. Tonight was not our best, but I thought Miami did a really nice job. We have some work to do, and I'm looking forward to getting back on the practice field on Sunday."

On what he is going to work on before your next game: "I'll be ready to go. For me it's about trying to get the plan together and see what coach Quinn wants to do with next week. Beyond that just trying to get the plan together and make sure we are as prepared as can be for the season opener."

On what they have to do to get the running game going:      
"It's a combination of a bunch of things. We got to look at the tape and see where we missed tonight but it's about continuing to try and learn the scheme and keep improving and working the scheme and keep practicing it. The more reps we get with that the better off we are going to be."

On running back Tevin Coleman: "I think Tevin did a nice job. Some of the situations he had some tough looks to go against, but I thought the one run where it looked like he was kind of down but he just kept the motor going and kind of extended that run and got about 8 or 9 yards whatever it was. After contact I think showcases what he is capable of doing. I'm excited about what Tevin is going to bring to us."

On the pass protection tonight:"That's one of those things when we are going up against a very good defense up front, pass protection is a premium. We did not do a good enough job with that early on, but that's the way that it goes sometimes in games. You are going to have slow spots and you have to keep battling. That's what Dan Quinn talks about all the time - we have to finish. I thought that was the thing we had to be better at tonight. We have to finish a little better than we did."

On wide receiver Julio Jones getting his new deal: "Obviously, I'm probably the happiest person in the organization to have him back. He is a premier player, one of the best in the league and an even better teammate. He is the best and I'm just excited that he is going to be here for a long time."

LB Joplo Bartu

Talk about the interception you had:"It was good. Momentum shift for our team. Trying to put our offense back out there, get a chance to score."* *

How would you assess the defensive performance tonight?
"I think we stepped up a little bit. We took a step in the right direction. We need to get more turnovers. We took a step in the right direction."

Where do the Falcons go from here to get ready for the last preseason game and week one?) – "I mean we just go to work tomorrow and assess what we did wrong and get it corrected and get ready for the next week."

LB Paul Worrilow

Can you talk about tonight's defensive performance?
"We got the ball back to our offense a couple times, so that's always good anytime you can do that. I think a big thing is that two minute stop that we had. That's awesome. We preach about finishing and beating them at the ball, and that's what we did."

You had a lot of playing time. Can you assess your performance tonight?
"I'll know more when I watch the film. There's always things that you can do better, but I think effort wise I just try to be up, have the energy up. Being the linebacker, being the indicator, calling the plays. Just keeping the energy up with the defense. Just running to the ball as much as I could.

What do the Falcons have to do from here to get ready for the next preseason game and then week one?
"Just keep continuing to get better and getting to that next level and beyond that. That starts in practice. Focus on what we've got on hand, the right now, not looking too far in the future. So, just got to get back on the practice field and take those shots."

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