Falcons Announce Use of NeuroTracker

Take a look back at some of the best photos from the Falcons' three-day minicamp held at team headquarters in Flowery Branch last week

The Atlanta Falcons today announced a partnership with CogniSens Inc. The club will be using NeuroTracker, a 3D mental training program, to increase players' awareness and focus.

NeuroTracker is a scientific innovation for measuring and improving cognitive performance in sports. Developed by a world-leading neurophysicist, the program trains multiple object tracking skills using a large 3D display and challenges athletes to spread their attention by tracking many targets at high speeds. NeuroTracker aims to enhance performance by training an athlete to absorb and process complex movement and distribute attentional resources throughout the visual field.

"As an organization we are always looking for ways to improve our player's performance on the field," Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff said. "By partnering with CogniSens we believe that we will provide our players with an additional tool that they can use as they prepare. By utilizing NeuroTracker technology we feel that our players will get the most out of their classroom and meeting time."

The validity of NeuroTracker is already well-established in the scientific press. A January 2013 article in the exclusive Nature online journal used NeuroTracker to show how professional athletes' brains are superior to college students at dynamic scene processing. A January 2012 article in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology used NeuroTracker as a way to help people improve perception of biological motion. More studies are underway linking NeuroTracker to elite performance, education, and medicine.

"The Atlanta Falcons are a forward-thinking organization", CogniSens CEO Jean Castonguay said. "We are thrilled that they saw the connection between tactical awareness, situational awareness, and football intelligence. This collaboration is an important step in continuing to prove the performance transfer of our NeuroTracker product."

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