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Falcons' 2014 Uniform Schedule Set

If there's one question I receive more than any other, it's "What color jerseys are the Falcons wearing today?" As in years past, we've put together a uniform schedule for you so you know how to match up with your favorite team.

As in 2013, the Falcons will go into 2014 with two uniforms — home (black helmets, red jerseys and white pants) and away — (black helmets, white jerseys and white pants).

There will be no alternate uniform for the Falcons in 2014.

Below is the complete uniform schedule, and you can bookmark this link to see it throughout the season.


Game WeekOpponentHome/AwayJersey/Pants Color
Week 1 (P) Miami Home Red/White
Week 2 (P) Houston Away White
Week 3 (P) Tennessee Home Red/White
Week 4 (P) Jacksonville Away White
Week 1 New Orleans Home Red/White
Week 2 Cincinnati Away Red/White
Week 3 Tampa Bay Home Red/White
Week 4 Minnesota Away White
Week 5 NY Giants Away White
Week 6 Chicago Home Red/White
Week 7 Baltimore Away White
Week 8 Detroit Home (London) Red/White
Week 10 Tampa Bay Away White
Week 11 Carolina Away White
Week 12 Cleveland Home Red/White
Week 13 Arizona Home Red/White
Week 14 Green Bay Away White
Week 15 Pittsburgh Home Red/White
Week 16 New Orleans Away White
Week 17 Carolina Home Red/White

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