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Dolphins Post-Game Quotes


Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano

On rookie's performances:

"Yeah I saw some good things with the young guys tonight. There were a few times where the young guys were playing young. I like what I see. There are some good things done by young players. There are a lot of things that we need to work on as a football team."

On miscommunication during the game:

"We had some miscommunication which concerned me. One of them was the interception due to the wrong route being run. Those types of things are early training camp mistakes. We had a sudden change opportunity on defense where we didn't respond well to that situation. We still have a bunch of things we have to work on."

On the play of Matt Moore:

"I think Matt did a good job coming into the ball game. We had some different personnel to work with. That's kind of what I know about Matt. He stepped up a couple of times in the pocket, had a few nice throws, and had some really good plays."

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne

On the game:

"It was definitely fun to get back out there and see some new faces rather than our own defense out there. Obviously we didn't start how we wanted to but got a drive together in the third series and got what we wanted out of that."

On the first two interceptions:

"Obviously, the first one was just south of Anthony Fasano's hands and it bounced into the defenders. There was nothing I could do about that. The second was a miscue between me and Davone Bess out there. It was the wrong route and I had the ball in my hands and made a bad decision out there. For the touchdown, it was just to keep an attack mentality out there and be resilient. I tried to get the team down there and help score a touchdown."

On if the team is where you thought it would be at the first game:

"Obviously, we wanted more out of it, but there is still a lot of work to do. You've got to learn certain things and fix our mistakes. Overall there are some good things out there and there are some bad things out there that need corrected."

Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby

On setting the tone with a win:

"Yea, it's early, but we played well. We got a turnover early, got the win. I want to turn the tide this year. And we're on the way, I think. Tonight, I hope, will set the tone for the entire season. It's all about wins, man."

Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor

On being back with the Dolphins:

"It's good to be back. I'm not going to be a coach, I'm a player. But I will taking on whatever role that's necessary. If a guy needs a teammate, I'm there. If he needs a mentor, I'll do what I can. If he needs a kick in the butt, I can do that too. The goal this year is to turn this franchise around. We know the talent is here, it's just a matter of transitioning to what we know we can do and be."

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