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Diving Into Dimitroff's Draft Day Trades

On Thursday, Thomas Dimitroff mentioned that the Falcons aren't opposed to adding more draft selections when the NFL convenes in Chicago. Dimitroff has made at least one draft day trade each year since joining Atlanta in 2008, and with a low number of picks at his disposal, it wouldn't be surprising if Atlanta's GM pulls the trigger on another one this week.

Here's a look at every draft day trade Dimitroff has made so far:

2008: Dimitroff dealt two second-round picks and a fourth-rounder to Washington in exchange for the Nos. 21, 84 and 154 selections. He used the first-round choice on offensive tackle Sam Baker, the third-rounder on wide receiver Harry Douglas and the fifth-round pick on defensive end Kroy Biermann. While Baker's career was cut short due to injury, Douglas and Biermann played 14 combined years in Atlanta.


2009:** Dimitroff sent Atlanta's fifth-rounder to the Cowboys for Dallas' fifth-rounder, which was 13 spots back, and a seventh-round selection. The Falcons used those picks on offensive lineman Garrett Reynolds and defensive end Vance Walker, respectively.

2010: Dimitroff dealt the Falcons' fifth-rounder and one of their two sixth-round picks to the Rams to move up 14 spots in the fifth round. Atlanta used that selection on cornerback Dominique Franks, who played 39 games with the Falcons.

2011: Dimitroff pulled off a blockbuster trade with the Browns to land the No. 6 overall pick, which was used on star receiver Julio Jones. In exchange for that premium selection, Cleveland received two first-rounders, two fourth-rounders and a second-rounder. That same year, Dimitroff dealt a fifth-round choice and a seventh-rounder to move up 13 spots in the fifth. Atlanta used that selection on running back Jacquizz Rodgers.

2012: Dimitroff traded the No. 84 overall pick to Baltimore for the Nos. 91 and 164 selections. Atlanta used those picks on offensive tackle Lamar Holmes and defensive end Jonathan Massaquoi, respectively.

2013: Dimitroff sent the 30th overall pick, along with a third- and sixth-rounder, to St. Louis in exchange for the No. 22 overall pick, which was used on Pro Bowl cornerback Desmond Trufant. Two days later, Atlanta traded a fifth and a seventh to Chicago to move up 10 spots in the fifth round. Dimitroff used that selection to draft defensive end Stansly Maponga.


2014:** Dimitroff dealt Atlanta's sixth-rounder and one of three seventh-rounders to Minnesota for its fifth-round pick. The Falcons used that selection on linebacker Marquis Spruill.

2015: Dimitroff traded the Falcons' fifth-rounder and sixth-rounder to Minnesota to move up nine spots in the fifth. Atlanta used that pick on defensive tackle Grady Jarrett, who became the team's most consistent rookie during Dan Quinn's first campaign as head coach.

Analysis: A strong argument can be made that the best trade on the above list is the one that brought Jones to Atlanta. Yes, it cost a king's ransom, but opportunities to add a franchise cornerstone don't come around often—especially when you post five straight winning seasons. Dimitroff swung for the fences when he moved up 21 spots to select Jones, and it's certainly paid off.

It's only been a year since the Falcons acquired Jarrett, but it's already clear giving up a sixth-rounder to draft the defensive tackle was a wise decision. It didn't take long for Jarrett to make a significant impact in Atlanta, and his future under Dan Quinn is bright.

Dimitroff's most efficient draft day trade appears to be the one that allowed him to pick Trufant. Every GM in the league would give up a third- and sixth-rounder to move up eight spots and find a defensive cornerstone.

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