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Davis: I Have the Falcons Taking Todd Gurley

The 2015 NFL Draft is quickly approaching and the debates continue to heat up over which position the Falcons should target with their No. 8-overall pick on April 30. It's safe to say the majority of the team's fans want a fierce pass rusher selected with the pick, but there are others who believe the best-player-available approach may in fact lead to drafting a running back.

NFL Media draft analyst Charles Davis shared his latest prediction about the Falcons' top pick Wednesday on 92.9 The Game.

"My latest mock draft, I have them taking Todd Gurley," Davis said. "The reason I did it that way, remember I did it before they announced (Nebraska's Randy) Gregory's stuff (failed drug test), I had a major run on edge rushers. I didn't have an edge rusher that I could give Atlanta, unless I elevated (Kentucky's) Bud Dupree by (Virginia's Eli) Harold, and (No.) eight felt too rich for me. If the medical is good with Gurley, let's just play like Dallas, running the heck out of the football, keep the ball away from other people for a while, while you continue to build your defense." 

Davis was later asked to make a choice for the Falcons between three of the top edge rushers in the draft, Gregory, Missouri's Shane Ray and Clemson's Vic Beasley, assuming each is available with the eighth pick.

"I think that ultimately based on what I've seen from Dan Quinn and his defenses over time, he loves hybrid guys," Davis said.

"He loves guys who can do multiple things. Gregory is not coming off the board if this is the Atlanta that I know. They've already taken him off their board, so that's done. Beasley is the better athlete, between him and Ray. I think Ray is a better football player, but I would see Beasley coming off the board for Dan Quinn."

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