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Competition 'Still Brewing' at Backup Quarterback

The Atlanta Falcons were back at the Branch this week preparing for their upcoming game against the Dolphins. The team is on the road again on Saturday in the third week of the 2015 preseason.

Head coach Dan Quinn has emphasized the importance of instilling a level of competition on the football field since the day he arrived in Atlanta.

Quinn has stayed true to his words as the Falcons' most recent signing of quarterback Rex Grossman, directly correlates with Quinn's respect for competition amongst his team.

"It's all for our competition," Quinn said. "We are going to constantly keep looking to battle and see where we can improve, if we can."

It seems that Grossman could practically teach a class on how to efficiently run the Kyle Shanahan offensive system. Shanahan and Grossman have shared a lot of success together, most of it coming from their three-year stint in Washington D.C. The duo most recently paired up together in Cleveland last season for a short period of time.

Grossman will begin practice with the Falcons on Wednesday, but don't expect to see him on the field in Miami on Saturday.

"I don't anticipate him (Grossman) playing for this weekend," Quinn said. "We will get him back and get him going, and take a bigger look for next week's game."

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