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Coffee & Clips: Sherman Commends Trufant

From One Pro Bowl Corner to Another: Sherman Compliments Trufant

Two of Team Irvin's cornerbacks at the 2016 Pro Bowl had a special bond that many might not know about.

Richard Sherman has known the Trufant family since 2011, the year he was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks. Marcus Trufant was an established cornerback in the NFL and decided to take Sherman under his wing.


The youngest of the Trufant boys, Desmond, was introduced to Sherman, and the two have been friends ever since.

This year's Pro Bowl was a first for both Trufant and Sherman; seemingly fitting they would share the opportunity together on the same team. Trufant recently spoke about his relationship with Sherman,saying they talk often.

"I've known Sherm for a while now, and he's always talking to me, telling me things about the game," Trufant said to John Boyle of

Sherman also spoke highly of Trufant, commending his scrappiness and style of play.

"It looks right," Sherman said. "It looks right to see a Trufant out here at the Pro Bowl, because that's the kind of caliber of players they are. You expect to see him out here, he's a great player, he plays the game like it's supposed to be played. He's scrappy. I think he was the least-targeted corner in the league this year, and for good reason."


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