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Close Games are Falcons' Forte

The Falcons' 2012 season saw more than a few close games. On their way to finishing 13-3, a few comebacks were needed to end up as the NFC's No. 1 seed heading into the playoffs, but scratching out close wins isn't something Atlanta just started doing this past season.

Since '08 when head coach Mike Smith took over the Falcons lead the league with a .707 winning percentage in games decided by eight points or less. In 2012 seven of the 13 wins were decided by eight points or less, including three straight wins by that margin from Week 11 to Week 13 during the regular season. Atlanta's 30-28 win over the Seahawks in the playoffs also fell under the close call variety.

Additionally, since 2008 the Falcons have a 12-5 record in games decided by a field goal or less. The Falcons had three wins like this during 2012, 30-28 over Carolina in Week 4, 23-20 over Oakland in Week 6 and 24-23 over Tampa in Week 12.

Kicker Matt Bryant has been instrumental in those close wins since joining the team in 2009. He's kicked six game-winning field goals for the Falcons during that time and had three during the season, including the Seattle win.

Quarterback Matt Ryan has 22 fourth-quarter, game-winning drives in his career and he had six of these in 2012. He has more fourth-quarter comebacks in his first five seasons than any QB since 1966.

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