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Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley Press Conference


Opening Statement:

"We got through our first game as a team. We clearly have a bunch to work on, in a lot of different areas. Majority of those areas are situational issues that we've been working hard at. The situational stuff is what has me down. We had some really good situations tonight that we can learn from and become smarter about. We have to be a smart team both operationally and out on the football field physically. There are a number of different things that cost us points. Offensively we can't take a sack in the fringe because that puts the field goal into an area that is not a high kicking percentage for anyone. We can not have a penalty on a kick-off return, which was about a 70 or 99 yard penalty. We can not do those kind of things. When you have this many players out there, you must be organized and on the same page. There were a number of situations where we cost ourselves on some of those personnel substitutions. There were some positives. The offense put the defense in some really tight spots. The defense showed some good signs that they are a group trying to become a better. That was encouraging. Offensively, I thought we did some things with our first group that was encouraging as far as moving the football. Going into tonight, one of the big things I was stressing to some of the younger players was this is your first real opportunity to go out and perform in a game situation. I was interested to see how a bunch of those guys did. Without watching tape, I am encouraged by some guys and not so encouraged by others. WR Jeremy Horne nobody really knows much about him, but a couple of times he made some really big plays for us. There were enough signs across the board about young and semi young players that we have been talking about to be encouraged about. However, it is time to get back to work now. We have a full 7 days to get ready to go down to Tampa Bay. We must make sure we are improving each one of those days."

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