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Cheerleaders Make JEZEBEL's 'Most Beautiful' List

Falcons second-year cheerleader Micki J. and first-year cheerleader Cara M. have been named to JEZEBEL Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful Atlantans' List

Each year, Atlanta's popular JEZEBEL Magazine releases a list of the "50 Most Beautiful Atlantans", showing off the city's most attractive smiles, but also the philanthropic work and successful businesses behind each one. This year, two Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders made the list – rookie Cara M., Ms. November 2015 in this year’s calendar, and second-year vet Micki J.

Over a course of a few months, with questionnaires, interviews, a photo shoot, and the inevitable waiting-to-hear-back period compacted together, the finalists were notified.

The team had just landed in Newark, NJ, a stop on their way home from London, when Micki checked her phone and saw a congratulatory email. Immediately, she knew what is was and quickly found Cara, forcing her to check her phone in hopes that she'd be able to share this experience with her cheer sister.

When the surprise and excitement of making this year's list subsided, both women reached out to their loved ones. Cara forwarded the email to her husband, Jeremy, the person who nominated her as a surprise, and to her mom. Micki blasted the email to her mom, who learned how to take a screenshot for a very special social media post about her daughter, her sisters, and her friends, including the one who had encouraged Micki to nominate herself.

"I was really excited," Cara said. "I can't believe they actually picked me. Looking through, these people have (great) jobs and I'm just a little girl in the world; just a small-town girl."

Humbled by JEZEBEL's decision, both women are still in awe. They each participate in local charities of their choosing, on top of cheering for the Falcons and having full-time careers. Their personalities are warm and encouraging towards anyone they meet, making them perfect, well-rounded choices for the magazine's annual list.

"When I look at the people who made it, I'm just like, 'Wow, I know some of these people,' " Micki said. "When I think of them, I think about the energy they give off. I guess it's a beautiful energy. You like being around them, they're cool. They are attractive in more than a physical way."

Be sure to check out Micki (page 90) and Cara (page 103) in the 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans in this month's digital edition of JEZEBEL Magazine.

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