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Cheerleader Brandy K. Selected for Pro Bowl


Hi there, Falcons Fans! I know it's been a while since the last time you've heard from me here on the Cheerleader Blog, but I have great things to report and am excited to catch you all up with the biggest things in the AFC world.

Just as fans vote your favorite Falcons players into the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, we as a cheerleading team vote for one of our own to represent our team and our fantastic Atlanta Falcons organization in Hawaii. This cheerleader is the epitome of what the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders represent – talented, beautiful women who are intelligent, classy, fun and, of course, dedicated to serving the community and cheering on the Atlanta Falcons to victory.

The Pro Bowl cheerleader is one who will do appearances, community service work and interact with fans throughout the week in Hawaii. This woman will be the representation of what the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders and the Atlanta Falcons organization represent. This cheerleader is literally being voted Cheerleader of the Year.

This year, we as a team have voted for seven-year veteran Brandy K. to represent us in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl. We are proud to have her be our Pro Bowl cheerleader and we know that she will represent us as a team and as an organization the best possible way she can. She will join one representative from each of the other cheerleading teams from around the league to participate in all of the Pro Bowl activities and events.

We are thrilled for Brandy and can't wait to hear about her adventures in Hawaii!

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