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Cheer Q&A: Kelsi S.


Hi Falcons Fans! I'm back with my interview series after a fantastic win against Carolina. This week, I was able to sit down with second-year veteran Kelsi S., who just might surprise you...

Sara D.: You're doing some big things right now. Tell me about grad school and your motivation to be a teacher.

Kelsi S.: I actually started college at Auburn with a degree in electrical engineering. I really liked all of my classes because I was doing so well in them compared to others. I was one of about 15 freshman students in the entire college of engineering to keep a 4.0 my freshman year of college. Because I kept doing so well, I kept my major as engineering until the middle of my junior year. Then, I actually thought about what I would be doing when I got done with school and if I would like it or not. I thought about what would really make me happy. After really putting thought into it, I realized I've always wanted to work with kids. I love being a mentor, teacher and role model. I knew that being a teacher is what would really make me happy, especially teaching math (a subject that most students struggle with). I decided to change my major to math and look for a job teaching. Since I was not certified, I was not able to find a job at first, which was very frustrating. So, I applied to graduate school to get my masters in math education and become the best teacher I could possibly be.

SD: That's great, Kelsi! I had no idea you were an engineering major. So what do you love about teaching, in particular? I think it's so unusual you love math, especially since, as you said, it's something most people aren't a big fan of.

KS: I love being a mentor to students and I have always loved working with kids. Math has always been my favorite subject. I think it is such a beautiful thing. Sadly, though, most people struggle with it and don't understand it, when to me it makes the more sense than most other things. I am hoping I can change kids perspective on math.

SD: You're a newlywed! How's the first year or so of marriage been?

KS: It has been amazing! I am so very blessed to have found the man of my dreams. It sounds so cliché, but really I have never felt this lucky to have someone in my life — other than my family members. He treats me like a princess and always makes me feel so special. I really can't describe how wonderful the first year of marriage has been. It's funny because everyone told us to be prepared because the first year is so hard. Well, I hate to disagree with everyone, but we didn't think so! Nothing has ever been easier in my life. Maybe that's because I know I can be myself around him.

SD: That is so sweet and so romantic! I know you went to Auburn — what made you decide to go there?

KS: My older sister went to Auburn and I had visited her a few times and loved it. The campus is beautiful and the people are all so nice. The academics at the school are also top notch.

SD: I completely understand. I know you also danced in college. What's it like being on AFC vs. Tiger Paws (the Auburn dance team)?

KS: Tiger Paws and AFC are actually similar. With both teams, I met new girls that instantly became like part of my family. There were only 16 members on Tiger Paws, however, so the AFC family is much larger.

SD: You're a trained dancer — what's your favorite studio memory?

KS: I went to Jill's Studio of Dance and I have so many awesome memories from there. My absolute favorite would have to be driving to the competitions with my parents. It was like a mini vacation for us. They always supported me 100 percent and I am so blessed to have them.

SD: Tell me one random fact or funny quirk about yourself.

KS: I love animals! Cats, dogs, mice, bunnies, deer — anything with fur and a cute face and my heart melts. I have 2 cats and a dog that we adopted from the Humane Society and they are a part of our family! I could never have enough pets.

SD: That is great! I love stories like that — it's so great to adopt pets! Ok, let's switch gears here. What superhero power would you want, and why?

KS: I would want the power to fly. I think that flying would be the most exhilarating feeling.

SD: Me too. Plus you could travel a lot easier. On that note, actually, where would you go on your dream vacation?

KS: My dream vacation would be to Paris. I have always wanted to go and I think it would be so neat.

SD: Good choice! OK, in the home stretch with this interview, so let's play would you rather!

KS: Ok!

SD: Would you rather live near mountains or the beach?

KS: Beach.

SD: Sweet or sour?

KS: Sweet.

SD: Cake or brownies?

KS: Cake, but cookies if I had the choice.

SD: Dogs or cats?

KS: Ahh! That's a hard one. It's a tie! I love them both!

SD: That was fun! I'll remember to bring you cookies instead of cake on your birthday. All right, last question. What do you love most about AFC?

KS: There are two things I love most about AFC. The first is the amazing girls that become like sisters to me. The second is getting to make a difference in people's lives just by going to charity events and making people feel special.

Big thanks to Kelsi for being so happy to sit down with me and share a little bit with Falcons nation! If you want to learn more about Kelsi, make sure to check out her bio. Get excited, too, as next week I sit down with Erin P.


Sara D.

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