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Cheer Q&A: Elizabeth M.


Hey there, Falcons faithful! I have a special treat for you!

As you know, my weekly posts for the Cheer Blog center around the Atlanta Falcons, football, cheering, community service and promotion, and, of course, all things AFC! The next few entries will be a part of a series which consist of interviews with an AFC rookies, veterans and alums.

This week's interview is with AFC Rookie Elizabeth M. Read on, friends, and get to know one of our new girls!

Sara: Tell me a little bit about yourself ... where are you from? When did you start dancing?

Elizabeth: Well … my name is Elizabeth (picture above) and I'm from Marietta, Georgia. I started dancing when I was four, and 20 years later I'm still swingin' these hips. Dancing in front of 92,000 plus fans while attending LSU was a huge rush and definitely one of the highlights of my life. I love to perform and entertain! In my opinion, there's no better feeling than bringing a smile to someone's face.

S: What made you decide to audition for AFC?

E: I've always had dance in my life and upon graduation, it was the next logical step.

S: … and what do you think so far?

E: It's kind of surreal. I don't think it will actually hit me that I'm a professional cheerleader in the NFL until I step on the field for the first game of the season!

S: OK, for real … how nervous were you at finals?

E: It is what it is — if you let it get the best of you, then you'll always wonder how it would have been.

S: Clearly, it turned out great for you! No regrets, right? Tell me, what did you think of the Retreat?

E: Aside from that heart-stopping and stomach-dropping prank the vets played on the rookies, I had a blast!! It was a great team-bonding trip.

S: Whoops, yeah … sorry about that! But it was one of the most epic pranks ever. Actually, on that note, what was your first impression of the veterans?

E: I need to tan.

S: What is most exciting to you about being a rookie this year?

E: The opportunity to prove myself as a valuable and dedicated team member. You're only a rookie once!

S: That's the truth! Live it up! Speaking of living things up, tell me one randomly awesome thing about yourself.

E: I danced during the 2007 LSU National Championship!

S: What is something you want people to know about you?

E: When it comes to traveling, I'm quite spontaneous and always up for an adventure!

S: On a scale of 1 to Infinity, how excited are you for this year?

E: To infinity and beyond!

Get to know Elizabeth more throughout the season, and look for her on the sidelines with the rest of your Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders! Stay tuned for next week's interview with a veteran!

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Sara D.

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