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Cheer Q&A: Denita C.


Here on, we previously had a post about three-year veteran, Denita C., who takes fitness, health and wellness very seriously. She was recently featured in Oxygen magazine and has high hopes of finding success in the fitness world. I interviewed her for more:

Sara D.: How did you become so interested in fitness, health and wellness?

Denita C.: I was an active kid and participated in sports, so that led me to be more aware of the things that I needed to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I began working at a local gym in 10th grade, where I learned more about discipline and the importance of nutrition when it comes to achieving your goals. I'm extremely interested in maintaining my overall health so that I can be an active mother and grandmother. I believe that what I do now will affect me later.

SD: That's great! It all starts when you're young. What motivates you?

DC: I'm deeply motivated by success stories. I love hearing how people overcame a hardship to achieve their goals. I'm motivated by passionate and genuine people. Fitness-wise, I read lots of magazines and research the "gurus" in the industry! Look at them - That is motivation enough!

SD: I know you really like Jeanette Jenkins. She's amazing! As members of AFC, we have to stay in shape and eat well. What advice do you have for others who want to achieve the same things?

DC: I believe that staying in shape is an individualistic and continuous commitment. You must be aware of your potential and be in-tune with yourself. There are so many "diet" plans, workouts and trainers out there, but none of them will get you to where you want to be alone. I've seen people spend thousands of dollars on a trainer and nutrition programs, only to gain the weight back. You have to want results for yourself and stick to it! It's a mind over matter situation. It's one thing to want to look good, but the first priority MUST be to feel good. Working out should be a therapeutic process, not torture. AFC is made up of all types of girls, some that love the gym and some that workout because they have to maintain their level of fitness. Either way, we all know that we have a responsibility to ourselves, as well as to our organization, to be in tip top shape at all times.

SD: Agreed! What are your fitness goals in the short term?

DC: Short term, I plan to continue pushing my body. I enjoy discovering new workouts and ways to challenge myself. I still have physical goals that I'd like to achieve, though. I want to be more consistent with my results. I plan to continue to lead by example and motivate my teammates to do the same!

SD: What about the long term?

DC: I plan to compete in my first fitness competition within the next year. I am a long way out, but I'm doing the research necessary to prepare. Ultimately, I would like to launch a successful fitness modeling and competitive career. I want to share my enthusiasm and love for fitness with people through my physical results!

SD: How do you stay consistent and not lose track of your goals?

DC: I'm proud to say that I've developed the ability to really know my body. I can tell when the cravings are about to hit and/or when I'm in a workout rut. I mentioned earlier that I read a lot of fitness magazines — this has really helped me identify things what I could be doing to shake things up. Being consistent is a challenge! We all have times where we fall off, but I always have my goals in mind. More importantly, there are two things that have helped me — planning and preparing my meals and workouts and writing down everything that I eat. Structuring my meals and workouts has changed my life!

SD: That's great advice for everyone — I want to give the Denita model a try! Any other words of wisdom or pieces of advice?

DC: You should always push yourself to be better. Find your strengths and focus on them! You must know your body and learn to love it. Be consistent and patient and the results will come. Surround yourself with healthy individuals. I believe lifestyles rub off on people. Make it worth it! Most importantly, remember there is always someone working harder than you!

You can check out Denita’s feature in Oxygen Magazine in this post, and check back in the coming weeks for her bio!

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Sara D.

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