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Cheer Blog: Sara on the season so far


The Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders document the joys and tribulations they experience day-to-day as members of one of the NFL's finest cheerleader squads. Various AFC team members check in periodically to share their experiences: everything from behind-the-scenes glimpses of game week practices to their public appearances at a variety of community outreach events.

Today's Installment:

AFC's Sara shares her thoughts on the Falcons' season so far.

Hey there, Falcons faithful! Sara here, and I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the AFC blog! Today, I'd like to take the time to talk about the season up to this point. This has been the kind of season that many have been saying was a long time coming for the Atlanta Falcons. The team has showed poise, calmness under pressure, drive and the desire to be a championship caliber team.

The key to success always lies in the perfect cohesion of team dynamics, coaching and the drive to win. It's clear that this year, the Falcons possess all of these qualities.

The team is converting big third down situations, making big catches (it's been an epic season for Roddy White), and staying focused when the game comes down to the wire with the defense making big stops when it counts most (especially in the past few games against the Buccaneers and Ravens!) and the offense coming alive when the clock ticks down to the final second of the fourth quarter.

Seeing a team gel and come together in such a way is not only an incredible thing to watch Sundays at the Georgia Dome, but it's inspiring. When the team is doing well, it brings the entire community together, and it's truly electric. We feel the energy down there on the field, and we are just as excited about the Falcons' season and the possibilities that lay ahead as YOU are!

This team has something special, beyond the smart play-calling, talent and drive to put wins on the board; but they have something bigger at play here … it's clear that the entire city is standing behind the Falcons, which is a really special thing.

We're energized and excited about the rest of the season and what the possibilities are for this team this year and beyond. We are jumping up and down and cheering along with you, Falcons fans! We can't wait to see you at the Dome soon to see this incredible teamwork for that end goal of the ultimate success.

This organization is one that believes in success, hard work, and persistence … and it's clear that the fans feel it, the players feel it, and AFC sure feels it, too! Can't wait to see what's next!

Keep an eye on our blog and stay tuned … future features will include entries about health, fitness, and wellness, AFC practices, our community service endeavors and even "ask a cheerleader!"



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