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Cheer Blog: Denita on Fitness and Nutrition


The Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders document the joys and tribulations they experience day-to-day as members of one of the NFL's finest cheerleader squads. Various AFC team members check in periodically to share their experiences: everything from behind-the-scenes glimpses of game week practices to their public appearances at a variety of community outreach events.

Today's Installment:

AFC's Denita shares her thoughts and advice on fitness with you.

Howdy, Falcons Fans! I'm Denita, and the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders are extremely excited to share our thoughts and advice on fitness with you!

Please feel free to inquire about our workout routines, eating habits, etc. We are here for you.

We are not certified trainers, but we have Marc and Akil from Quick Fitness Solutions for that. We just want to offer personal thoughts and strategies that work for us. Enjoy!

Mmm, doughnuts. How many times do you make that sound toward one of your favorite foods? Now, how many times do you hear someone say, "Mmm, green beans!"

I know, it sounds funny, but it's true. We are trained to want the things that are bad for us. As kids, we are rewarded with the worst for us — candy, ice cream, our favorite dinner of choice. As an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, however, that doughnut has bigger consequences and a not-so-nice reward.

Our trainers stress to us that we are all different sizes and shapes for a reason. With that said, when setting your fitness goals, keep that in mind and know that your results are YOUR results. What I mean is, your body has its own individual makeup. While it may be easier for your friend to tone a certain area, you may have to work a little harder.

Just getting started? Start small, or use the pyramid method. No need to rush in full throttle. I encourage you to begin by reading more fitness articles and magazines to broaden your knowledge on helpful hints! Our blog is a great start! We will post workouts, fun recipes and a meal plans just for you!

Denita's Top Five Fitness Musts:

  1. Record every meal and workout: You can see your progress and what works for you!
  2. Plan your meals: You will eat healthier and not fall to the fast food pressure
  3. Change up your workout: Stick with a workout for at least a month to see results, but never be afraid to try something new! You will shock your body!
  4. Be real with yourself: Know what you will do. Don't schedule a 5 a.m. workout if you will never get up.
  5. Be patient: True results take time. When you're doing it right, results will take longer but will last!

Stay tuned for more on nutrition!



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