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Cheer Blog: Audition Time


It's hard to believe that it is audition season once again! If you are considering auditioning to be an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, then congratulations! It is a big decision and one that you certainly won't regret. Regardless of how far you go into the audition process, it takes a lot of will-power and courage to step foot in front of the judges.

Oftentimes, I get questions about what the judges and the Atlanta Falcons organization are looking for. In short, I'd say it's the overall package.

This package includes a woman who is confident, fit, intelligent, charismatic, has a strong dance ability and has the desire to be an active part of the Atlanta community. On audition day, however, it's important to put your best foot forward.

The preliminary audition is considered open call, which means that anyone is welcome to audition (simply follow the instructions here). Everyone will learn a short amount of choreography and will perform for the judges. A first cut will occur, and then the semi-final round will be conducted. A few more eight-counts of choreography are added to the mix, and after the semifinal performance, the finalists are chosen!

Easy, right?


This day of preliminary and semifinal rounds can be stressful. Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for this very big day:

  • Come prepared — this means be ready in all aspects — mentally tell yourself you can do this! Bring snacks and water (I suggest unsalted, roasted almonds!) and get yourself "in the zone."
  • Know that you will be learning choreography. Being a cheerleader is something we all love — but we're also dancers. If you need to work on your dance ability, make sure that you are taking dance classes and working on your technique. The ability to retain choreography in a short amount of time is a difficult skill, but the more you practice, the better you will become. It's vital that you can perform at least a double pirouette, high kicks, leaps and be able to adapt to any other technique that may be included in the audition routine.
  • Perform, perform, perform! Even if you have a major mess up moment, don't stop dancing! Smile big, perform big and always give 110 percent! If you give your best, the judges will see it. Stay confident and it will show. Remember, the way you practice should be the way you perform.
  • Have fun! This should be an exciting day, don't let stress get to you. Enjoy performing and make friends. Everyone gets nervous (including me. AFC veterans still have to audition every year, our place on the team is not guaranteed). Always keep in mind that a good attitude goes a long way!

We can't wait to see you on March 20, and keep up the good work in your preparations for auditions! If you want to know more, then check out the Audition Information page on You can always catch AFC on Twitter and on Facebook!

Happy preparations and good luck!



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