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Cartoon: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Each week during the season, cartoonist Mark Tucker, a.k.a. SuperFan on the FalconsLIFE message board, will post a cartoon inspired by the Falcons' upcoming game.

Here's what Mark had to say about the cartoon this week:

"FalconsLIFE member KSFalcon77 wins this week's cartoon contest for the season's first Panthers game with his suggestion: 'Go with the image they use with the kitten looking in the mirror and seeing a lion. Show a panther looking in the mirror and seeing a kitten with Falco intimidating him or something.

Put something in there about you know what you are in your heart or something.'

I tweaked his idea somewhat and had a lot of fun drawing it up for what I think is a really good one."

To join the conversation about the cartoon and see a larger version of it, visit the devoted thread on the FalconsLIFE message board.

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