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Cartoon: I ain't afraid of no ghost


Each Friday during the season, cartoonist Mark Tucker, a.k.a. SuperFan on the FalconsLIFE message board, will post a cartoon inspired by the Falcons' upcoming game.

From Mark:

"When I started the cartoon contest last Saturday for this Sundays Packers game, the thread wasn't posted for two full minutes before our friend and fellow FalconsLIFE member across the pond, UKFalc, nailed it with his suggestion of 'Falco standing with Hick'ry Stick at his side, facing the ghost of Vince Lombardi, the ghost looking petrified of Falco, with Falco saying "Don't worry, you're not the Lombardi that I'm after." ' The contest was over almost before it got started! I tweaked it slightly and I hope everyone likes it.

Special props for this one go out to FalconsLIFE member Gritblitzer (Tim Williams) for his fabulous ghostly caricature of the late, great Vince Lombardi."

To join the conversation about the cartoon and see a larger version of it, visit the devoted thread on the FalconsLIFE message board.

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