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Campbell Possesses Trait to Help Defend TEs

At first glimpse of De'Vondre Campbell his height definitely stands out, but on the football field, he plays even bigger than 6'4.

Campbell knows his height is unique for his position, and he and head coach Dan Quinn plan to use it to their advantage. The thing to note about Atlanta's fourth-round pick in particular is how his arm length plays into his overall appearance.

Quinn elaborated on how Campbell's arm length and overall size will benefit Atlanta's defense, especially when facing a team with a tall tight end, something the Falcons seemingly struggled with last year.

"Length can make up for some height so it's his length that allows him to cover some of the taller guys," Quinn explained. "It's not an advantage when you're playing against the 5'0 or 5'10 running back like Devonta Freeman. It's the advantage when you're playing against the tall tight ends like Jacob Tamme, where you're able to match on some routes."

Campbell will be working on refining his pass coverage skills this offseason and into training camp, but his height, length and competitive mindset are invaluable traits, and may prove to be his biggest asset.

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