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Camp 101: Five Can't-Miss Players In Camp


With Russell Athletic Training Camp only a few days away, we'll begin the march to camp with "Camp 101," a daily look at what any Falcons fan should know about the team heading into the all-important period before the season. Today, we look at five players fans in attendance at training camp won't want to take their eyes off of. These five players can at any time do something amazing that no one will want to miss.

5) Sean Weatherspoon: Defense isn't always the most exciting thing to watch at training camp. The lack of tackling means defensive players have to slow their tempo and adjust their football aggression to a more calm level. Weatherspoon may play at the coaches' demanded tempo, but he's still a player that is exciting to watch… and hear. Weatherspoon will make plays at practice, but even more than that, he'll be talking constantly, trying to get his teammates excited. You'll hear praise for teammates, messages to the offense and a variety of random from the young and emerging linebacker.

4) Roddy White: He is still one of the best receivers in the game and watching White practice, you realize one of the reasons he's so great is because when he steps on the field, he loves the game. White practices with an enthusaism that is contagious. He's an enjoyable player to watch because, like Weatherspoon, you never know what way White may choose to motivate his teammates. In addition to that, he's a natural talent and the ease at which he plays the game is a great example of what it means to be a superior athlete.

3) Tony Gonzalez: Nearing the end of his career, there won't be many chances for Falcons fans to see the greatness of Gonzalez up close and personal. From catching dozens of passes before practice begins to the effortless way he'll operates in the middle of the field, the attributes that make Gonzalez a future Hall of Famer are all on display at practice. Watch Gonzalez for a while and you'll begin to understand what separates great players from good players.

2) Asante Samuel: The Falcons' newest addition has already wowed the media with his open and honest ways and the fans in attendance at minicamp with exciting play at the cornerback position. Samuel will pick off passes at practice and he'll often do it in impressive ways. After the catch, he will continue to compete, looking for a return and a practice pick-six at every opportunity. After he picks off a pass, and often before, you'll hear Samuel say plenty of things about what is about to happen.

1) Julio Jones: Fans in attendance at training camp will not want to take their eyes off the second-year receiver. Jones impressed everyone in the league last season with his athleticism and speed and cutting ability after the catch. Jones will routinely do something that will make your jaw drop at almost every practice. Watch for the deep pass to Jones and admire how he goes up and gets the ball, typically with a cornerback all over him. He's a talent that every fan will want to see with their own eyes before this season begins.

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