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Camp 101: Five Best In-Camp Falcons to Follow on Twitter


With Russell Athletic Training Camp only a few days away, we'll begin the march to camp with "Camp 101," a daily look at what any Falcons fan should know about the team heading into the all-important period before the season. Today, we look at the five best Falcons players to follow on Twitter to get unique access inside training camp. These five players actively use Twitter to connect with fans and they'll give a look behind the scenes that only a player can provide.

5) Akeem Dent: Of the younger Falcons, Akeem Dent (@ADent52) is one of the more active players on Twitter. He'll be an especially interesting player to follow this preseason because in his second year with the team he's got a starting role as the team's middle linebacker directly in his sites.

4) Thomas DeCoud: Starting safety Thomas DeCoud (@TwentyAte28) will use Twitter for a lot of things, including sharing his Instagram photos of shoe choices each day. While his footwear selections will be more limited once camp starts, you can count on DeCoud to provide funny insights about his teammates each day from camp.

3) Harry Douglas: Possibly one of the nicest guys in the NFL, Harry Douglas (@HDouglas83) will use Twitter to share thoughts that are inspiring to him each day. The wide receiver is very active and his personality and genuine likability come across in his Twitter posts and his interactions with fans. Once in a while you'll also see him poking fun at some of his teammates on Twitter as well.

2) Roddy White: Outspoken and opinionated, Roddy White (@roddywhitetv) will have you laughing at your phone or computer screen one minute and considering some aspect of recent news the next. His active tweeting may be reduced some now that he's busy with camp, but you can count on a few good tweets each day. White will also take to Twitter to motivate his teammates, especially his fellow wide receivers from time to time. Few Falcons on Twitter interact with fans as much as White does, and if you're following him you'll get interesting behind-the-scenes information each day, including what he's eating for dinner and what movie he's selected to watch in the evening as he unwinds.

1) Sean Weatherspoon: Much like his on-field persona, Sean Weatherspoon (@SeanWSpoon56) on Twitter is hard to turn away from. Watch Weatherspoon interact with his teammates, give encouraging updates to the fans and discuss music, clothes and anything else on his mind. Weatherspoon is a fun-loving guy and he will surely involve his teammates in his tweets more than once during camp and it will probably be something any fan won't want to miss.

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