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C&C: Quinn's Take on Championship Games

Quinn Offers Insight on AFC/NFC Championship Games

The NFC and AFC Championship games feature two teams that Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is very familiar with.

Quinn went on ESPN's "Mike & Mike" show to discuss the difficulties when facing the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers.

In Super Bowl XLIX, Quinn and Seattle's defense held Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski to just six catches for 68 yards. Against the Panthers in Week 16, the Falcons snapped Carolina's winning streak, largely due to the fact they were able to limit Cam Newton to 142 passing yards.

Mooney, Goodman Lead Bingo Night

FB Collin Mooney and DE Malliciah Goodman spent their Thursday evening leading a game of bingo at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta hospital.

RT Schraeder's Journey to the NFL

The Falcons' starting right tackle, an undrafted free agent out of Valdosta State, recently spoke about his time delivering steaks after graduating high school.

Ryan Schraeder grew up playing both football and basketball, showcasing his raw athleticism, seen by all in the 2015 season.  The Kansas native points to two reasons for his success this season: having fun and working the hardest he has ever worked in his career. And it is certainly paying off.

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