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C&C: Beasley Inspires Middle School Students

It has been a year since Dan Quinn took the reins in Flowery Branch. Take a look back at his first 365 days as the Falcons head coach.

Beasley Inpsires Middle School Students

Vic Beasley, Jr. made a recent visit to a school that's near and dear to his heart, Adairsville Middle School.

On Monday, Beasley spent the morning in the classroom with students, talking to them, encouraging them, signing autographs and taking pictures.

"I wanted to give back and impact the future of the students that are coming through the school that I attended," Beasley said of his visit.

Before leaving, Beasley wanted to make sure he expressed to the kids the importance of making smart decisions, the main message behind the speech he gave.

"I was talking to them about the life choices they need to make," said Beasley. "You have to make the right choices and surround yourself around the right people."

With only one year in the NFL under his belt, Beasley has figured out very quickly that long-term success is reliant upon making the right choices.

"If you want to be successful in life, you have to make positive choices," Beasley said.

| The future is bright at AMS!!! #myhometown#givingback

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Falcons Help Students Send Cards to Military Members

James Stone also spent Monday giving back in the community.

Stone, Freddie Falcon and Falcons cheerleaders helped students from Oakland Meadow School write and decorate Valentine's Day cards for military men and women serving overseas.


Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Auditions Coming Soon

Want the chance to cheer on the Falcons from the sidelines of the Georgia Dome? The upcoming April auditions give you the chance to become a member of the Falcons cheerleading squad.

The Falcons are looking for enthusiastic ladies with a dance/cheer background, a positive attitude, a winning smile and dedication to be the best.

If interested and want an inside look at the audition process, the Falcons offer non-required prep classes. The first audition prep class will be held on Feb. 20.

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