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Busy Week Wraps for Falcons Cheerleaders


Hello, Falcons Fans!

Your Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders had a busy week and weekend! The week kicked off with rehearsal on Tuesday night, where we learned a brand new routine. It is super cute and fun and will be great for game day.

Our Thursday practice was focused on cleaning and perfecting the routines that we have previously learned. We spent some time going over things as a group and eventually split up into our lines and had "line time." Those types of practices are extremely important to ensuring that we look our best at all times.

Besides practice, we attended the All P-R-O Dance Convention that was held here in Atlanta. More than 300 professional cheerleaders from all over the country gathered right here in our hometown to learn dances and gain expert advice from coaches and choreographers from pro teams. It was amazing experience. To be able to fellowship with other cheerleaders from other teams is truly priceless.

You never realize how different, or similar, another person's experience is until you have a conversation with them. In this case, we got to learn about how other teams operate and get an insight on their dance style — not to mention we get to take back a few killer routines for the season that I am sure you guys will LOVE, just as much as we did.

After our busy Saturday at All P-R-O, we headed back to Studio Space Atlanta for our team photo shoot! We got all dolled up by our amazing hair and makeup sponsors, Van Michael Salon and Pur Minerals, and practiced our posing for our individual shots in order to ensure the perfect photo to be featured with our bios. After all the individual shots were out of the way, we all lined up for our group shot that will be featured on the photo card that we all sign.

You never know how much work goes into getting the perfect pose until you are a part of it. Let me tell you, it is not easy. I just happened to be one of the girls kneeling for the photo and if I could do it all over again, I would have brought knee pads. Nevertheless, after very many attempts we got the perfect shot! We took a few fun pictures in some of our sponsored apparel and called it a wrap!

Although tiring, the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders had an amazing weekend! I hope that you guys will love all of the pictures that we took this weekend and I am sure that you guys are going to love the routines we have in store for this season. Until next time!

Peace, Love, and Spinergy,

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