Blank Makes Surprise Appearance on Ellen

In the 1996 comedy Mr. Wrong, Ellen DeGeneres starred as a talk show producer who gets caught in a nightmare relationship with Bill Pullman (Spaceballs, The Equalizer). Thanks to an odd promotion, a fortuitous series of events and a generous donation, Arthur Blank's fiancé, Angie Macuga, can get married in a replica of DeGeneres' wedding dress from the movie.

How exactly did this come together? For starters, Macuga is a big fan of the Ellen Show. She and Blank ended up in the studio audience for a recent taping, and on that day, DeGeneres chose to auction off the dress to support Start Rescue, an animal rescue foundation.

The bidding started at $10 and quickly climbed into the thousands. In the end, Blank's $8,000 offer proved to be the best. And, even though he's a popular man here in Atlanta, it didn't seem as if Ellen recognized the Falcons owner.

The full video can be viewed below:

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