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Birdseed: 1/27

4d418f7bb6973d3d2a040000.jpg's Jay Adams compiles links each day that put you in the know about the Falcons, the NFC South and what's happening in the rest of the league

Here's a look at what's happening today:

Get the latest on players who are grabbing attention during Senior Bowl practice, including a small running back, a wideout from Hawaii and a pass-catching tight end. *

Defensive end John Abraham has been tweeting photos from Hawaii like mad, and the AJC's D. Orlando Ledbetter compiled the photos into a blog post. This really must feel like home for the guys at the Pro Bowl; Nine Falcons plus the entire coaching staff, equipment staff and training staff. It's like Flowery Branch sprouted palm trees. Actually, I'm currently in Flowery Branch and I can confirm there are no palm trees in sight. *

Apparently, immediately after the initial Pro Bowl news conference, head coach Mike Smith performed a bit of magic. The way it's described, however, it was more of a disappearing act. Right after a photo opportunity with the Pro Bowl trophy and a couple of cheerleaders, Smitty pulled the ol' misdirection. With the media focusing on the cheerleaders and the trophy, Smith snuck out a side door. Someone alert D-Led. We might have another Magic Mike on our hands. *

Still resisting the overwhelming peer pressure to join the world of Twitter? Maybe Larry Fitzgerald has done enough to change your mind. When Fitzgerald found out he'd be heading to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, he tweeted his location at the time to his followers and the first people wearing Cardinals jerseys who found him got an all-expenses-paid trip to the Pro Bowl. Not bad for a site that's supposedly only about telling people what you had for lunch today. *

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA Executive DeMaurice Smith are posturing, all right. But not in the way you'd expect. Instead of the rhetoric we've been hearing about money, Goodell and Smith are trying to see how low they can go. Goodell said if a lockout occurred, he'd cut his yearly salary down to $1. Smith bested Goodell using Twitter, tweeting that he'd take 68 cents if a new CBA was in place by the Super Bowl. Can you now see why there's been little movement on a new deal? *

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