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Birdseed: 1/26

4d404c0ab6973dc851000000.jpg's Jay Adams compiles links each day that put you in the know about the Falcons, the NFC South and what's happening in the rest of the league

Here's a look at what's happening today: has all your Senior Bowl coverage from Mobile, and word is that West Virginia running back Noel Devine is having one heck of a week so far. He's only 5-foot-8, but he's a speedy, change-of-pace back that could become a good situational weapon for an NFL team. *

More from Mobile, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is confident a new CBA will be agreed on and in place before the March deadline that could see players locked out by owners. Not everyone, however, shares Jones' confidence. Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez told Jim Rome last week that he is certain a lockout will take place. With so much posturing on both sides, it's a wonder anyone can form a solid opinion one way or another. Me? I sure hope Jones is right. *

In case you were wondering what the halftime performance at the Pro Bowl was going to be, wonder no longer. Ahh, nothing says football like sensitive guys playing acoustic guitar. *

Listen, I like the Pro Bowl. I know it's not a popular sentiment about the NFL's all-star game, but I like it for a couple of reasons: 1. Guys wearing Hawaiian shirts that should never wear Hawaiian shirts; 2. All the gadget plays your little heart can stand; 3. All sorts of access I can't get anywhere else, like the extremely awesome idea of helmet cams. *

Things sometimes get out of hand in the media. We see it all the time, like when Brett Favre decides on breakfast. Earlier in the week, rumors ran wild about legendary Georgia running back Herschel Walker wanting to make an NFL comeback at the ripe age of 48. Well, thank goodness we have the level-headed view of Dave Choate at The Falcoholic to bring us back down to Earth. While Choate does point out that a training camp invite for Walker would be attention-grabbing, I somehow believe "a series of hammerfists" would garner a flag or two in today's NFL. *

A report by medical and legal website Avvo states that Falcons fans are among the most depressed in the league. Of 14 cities that have never had the privilege of winning a Super Bowl, Atlanta ranks No. 2, just behind Philadelphia. Buffalo, a city that hasn't even sniffed the NFL playoffs in more than a decade, comes in at No. 12 on the list. The report is deceiving in that it takes into account generalized information, like average commute time, to determine this list, so what they're really saying is Atlanta is near the top of of the list of most depressed cities in America based on depressing events that occur during an average day, not necessarily just because of the Falcons. Anyway, cheer up Falcons fans. It's tough not to smile at a water skiing squirrel. *

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