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Best of 2015: Quotes


"The energy and enthusiasm that you bring to the Atlanta Falcons can be unmatched in terms of the energy I'll try to bring to you as your head football coach."

 — Dan Quinn said at his introductory press conference

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"We wanted a coach who would provide the leadership in all three phases of the game and add additional leadership to our building and our franchise. We told you from the outset we were looking for a leader with a clear vision for success, someone who had great skills in terms of being a motivator, someone who was bright and decisive, someone who was innovative and flexible, and someone who would be a great cultural fit for the franchise and really all of our businesses. We found that in Dan Quinn."

— Falcons owner and chairman Arthur Blank said of naming Dan Quinn head coach


"We're obviously very excited to have Vic [Beasley] join the Falcons. I'll let Coach [Quinn] talk about it. What he adds to this team is athleticism and the ability to get up and around the corner. We were very fired up to have him on the board where we were picking."

— GM Thomas Dimitroff said of Atlanta's first-round draft pick, Vic Beasley, Jr.

**IV "We expect Julio to be a lifer for the Falcons."

— Falcons owner and chairman Arthur Blank said of Julio Jones during contract negotiations


"He's the best, and has been for a long time since I've been here not only on the field, I mean second to none. He's as great a competitor as I've ever been around and as good a player as there is, but even better in the locker room just a great teammate, good friend, and I'm hoping it keeps going for a long time."

*—QB Matt Ryan said of WR Roddy White *


"I think it's one of the parts of the game that I wish everyone got a chance to be around him, and understand how locked in he is with the game from the meetings, on the practice field, and in walkthroughs. It's pretty rare for someone to have that kind of focus for a really long time where they can stay right in the present moment, and right at what's important. He's 100 percent able to do that and that goes from the game not looking ahead to what's the next or the next series, but absolutely going for it right now. That kind of readiness is hard to find, and he stays right in it all of the time. Not everyone has an understanding of how detailed he is in his work, so for those of us that are around him every day we have a real appreciation for that."

*— Dan Quinn said of Julio Jones' intelligence *


"Matt (Ryan) has all the faith in the world in me and I have the same in him. We're just on a team. When my number is called, I've got to step up and make those plays. Matt is just going to keep being Matt Ryan, throwing great balls and we'll see the outcome."

*— *WR Julio Jones said of QB Matt Ryan


"With Dan Quinn and his staff, this organization is going to a Super Bowl. I guarantee it."

*— *DT Jonathan Babineaux said of Dan Quinn


"I feel like we're among the Top 5 cornerbacks in the National Football League."

— CB Robert Alford said of he and CB Desmond Trufant


" Some guys lead by example. Some guys, they want to stand up and talk and do this or do that. I'm all action."

— WR Julio Jones said of his leadership


"I'm going out there and laying it all on the line to help put my team in a better position to give us a chance. All we need is a chance."

— RB Devonta Freeman said of his play


"It was an extremely gutsy performance by Matt [Ryan] and the toughness that he showed is appreciated by the team, by the staff, and everybody in the organization. Today, he was an absolute warrior. There are a number of guys who got banged up and at the half said 'hey, it's all hands on deck.' [Paul] Soliai went down, [Justin] Durant went down, and guys just kept stepping up to answer the challenge. That's what you do for each other as a teammate. I thought Matt was a perfect shining example of the toughness that he showed for the club."

— Dan Quinn said of Matt Ryan's performance against the Carolina Panthers in Week 16


"Thomas [Dimitroff] and I have a really clear vision of how we're building this team together. There's a lot to learn and we're absolutely jacked to get rolling on this start of the offseason and the start of 2016."

-Dan Quinn said of his and GM Thomas Dimitroff's vision for the future of the Atlanta Falcons

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