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Bermuda Shorts: Whirlwind Day


I went to bed last night, ready to wake up early, work out, and have a leisurely morning.

That all changed with a phone call at 8 a.m., telling us that our shoot time changed and we had to go into hair and makeup right away. It was a whirlwind as we got ready and jumped in the car.

Despite the initial feelings of being rushed, we were able to get to where we needed to be without any hiccups. There is no other way to describe today other than it was a total and complete blast! The group of girls I shot with was Reneau K., Zorah B., and Ariel A. and we definitely made it fun. We shot in the town of St. George in the streets, and the colorful buildings and beautiful water made for an ideal backdrop.

Reneau was up first and she looked gorgeous in her nautical themed swimsuit — loved it! She shot at a chain link fence and again at a bridge over the beautiful blue water.

Zorah was next as she worked it out in front of a turquoise door that made her purple bathing suit pop!

I was up after Zorah and had a hard time containing my excitement. I've never done anything like this before, and could feel my nerves starting to act up, and combined with adrenaline, I was feeling a rush of different emotions. You'd think standing and taking pictures is easy, but it is much more difficult than you know!

I had some great help with posing and had wonderful encouragement from the other girls, our coach Chato Waters, and the photography and the creative teams. I did my very best to get a good shot, and had entirely too much fun while doing so! Ariel followed me in her cheetah swimsuit and was fierce! Today was an absolute pleasure and I couldn't have asked for anything better. It was truly special, and a day I will never forget.

We topped off our afternoon with some ice cream as a reward. Bermuda is beautiful, our Chato was incredibly supportive, and the creative, glam, and photography teams are amazing beyond words. We are so lucky to be in such a beautiful place and to have support that goes beyond anything we could ever ask for.

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Sara D.

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