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Bermuda Shorts: Glam Time


My roommate, Zorah B., and I both shoot this afternoon and we could not be more excited!

There's so much to look forward to — the beautiful blue waters, excitement of the photo shoot and opportunity to do something that most never get to experience. We are so lucky and blessed to be able to have this incredible adventure, and to hopefully get some great pictures and a fantastic calendar as a result!

I can't wait to get glammed up today by our fantastic glam squad from Jamison Shaw and Sephora and to get to taking great photos! We are also lucky enough to have Comcast here as well as they are filming us along the way for a an upcoming making the calendar series.

As I step foot in front of the camera this afternoon, I want to focus on being my own spunky self and delivering a great photo. I want to find a pose that is flattering and helps me look taller (at 5-foot-4 I want any extra height I can find…like standing on my tippy-toes!).

Posing is actually a lot harder than you'd think! My mind also wanders to the pressure of having all eyes on me when I shoot — it can be intimidating; but I know that if I stay tuned into the task at hand and just be me, I'll get a great result! Every girl on this team is incredibly beautiful, and I know we're all in this together and the final product will be absolutely amazing.

I am excited and ready to have fun and experience shooting for a calendar for the first time!

Keep your eyes glued to as well as Facebook and Twitter, and get excited. We have great things coming your way!


Sara D.

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