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Bermuda Shorts: First Group Heads Back to Atlanta


After a great day of shooting Friday, it was wonderful to come back to our beautiful hotel here in Bermuda and to the rest of our teammates!

Half of us flew into the island Thursday, while the other half arrived Friday afternoon. It was so special to be able to be together, as a group, all 40 of us with our coaches and everyone who has supported us along the way.

We had a special dinner with the team and the incredible crew from the Atlanta Falcons, Jamison Shaw Hairdressers, Sephora, Drew Crozier and his photography team, everyone at Comcast, and the wonderful support staff here in Bermuda.

We spoke to what we were thankful for and it made me truly realize, once again, how lucky and blessed I am to be a part of something so special. AFC is an incredible family to be a part of, and experiences like this remind me to enjoy every single moment.

As I depart Bermuda today, rookie Melissa Z. will outline her experiences here, and keep you posted on everything going on in Bermuda!

As always, stay with and you can keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook for more!!


Sara D.

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