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Behind the Facemask: wide receiver Roddy White


Falcons Vice President of Football Communications Reggie Roberts spotlights a player each week in a series of on-the-spot, off-beat questions in a new weekly segment featured on called "Behind the Facemask." This week's featured player is Falcons two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Roddy White, who had a franchise-best 210 receiving yards on eight catches including a 90-yard touchdown strike from quarterback Matt Ryan in last season's 45-10 win over San Francisco at Candlestick Park.

Reggie Roberts: Let's rewind to last Sunday. The Falcons won in the Louisiana Superdome — a place they hadn't won since 2002 — and you were a huge part off that win. What was the plane ride home like?

Roddy White: "It was exciting. Anytime you can knock off the defending Super Bowl champions at their place and be the first team this season to beat them, that's a big deal. It was also very exciting to see everybody in the organization so happy and really cool to see how excited and happy our owner, Arthur Blank, was."

RR: Did you have great confidence before the game that we could go in there and win a tough game against the defending Super Bowl champions?

RW: "I was very confident all week. The coaches put together a great game plan. We know what they can do and we know how big the rivalry is between our two teams. We knew it was going to be a game where we were going to have to go hard. We also knew that there was a chance that this game was going to go to sudden death and it did."

RR: Let's switch gears. If you weren't playing football, what would you be doing?

RW:"I'd want to be Arthur Blank, man. I'd be running a Fortune 500 company, and I'd be spreading the wealth."

RR:You are regarded as one of the top wideouts in the NFL and you live in one of the top golf communities in Atlanta, but you have not caught the golf bug. Can you explain that?

RW:"That darn game is too hard, man. I go out there and hit one great shot and it takes me 20 or 30 more tries to hit another great shot. I have never been able to develop any consistency in golf, and that's the main reason that I am not a golf guy. What I need to do is get with my man Red (Falcons quarterback Chris Redman, who plays to a 4 handicap). He's the golf guy and he's patient enough to help me get better."

RR:Who are your favorite Hollywood actresses?

RW: "You know we have to go with Halle Berry as No. 1. She is tops, but Meagan Fox is a close second. She is lovely. And my third choice would be the beautiful Gabrielle Union."

RR:What motivates you?

RW:"My family. They inspire me to go out on the football field and always play hard. My mom (Joenethia White) comes to every game and she and the rest of my family inspire me and motivate me to do my very best all the time. My great grandmother (Helen Brown) is 86 years old, and she comes to every game. Just to see my family come to the stadium to support me really gets me going."

RR:What depresses you?

RW:"When we (the Falcons) lose. I hate losing at anything. When we lose a game, I'm sick for two days. The Monday and Tuesday after a loss is awful. I can't wait to get back onto the practice field. I have got to get back on the field the next Sunday to make it right and get a win for my team and myself."

RR:The Falcons are wearing their Throwback uniforms this weekend as part of the club's Alumni Weekend celebration. Do you like the uniform — the original uniform worn by the 1966 Falcons?

RW:"That uniform is so hot. I love the Throwback uniforms. I think we should wear it three or four times every year because it's such a good look. That uniform represents our history, our past and you have to wear that uniform with pride and respect and honor the players who played here previously. That uniform represents our franchise, and I am proud to wear it."

RR:It was reported during the offseason that you came to training camp in the best shape of your career. Is that true?

RW:"It was true. What was different about this offseason is that I spent the entire offseason here working with Coach Fish (Jeff Fish is Atlanta's director of athletic performance) and his staff. Those guys got me in great shape, and I feel like I am in the best shape of my career. They worked me hard day in and day out, and I think that's one of the reasons I am off to such a good start (White's 25 catches are second in the NFL).

RR:What is your favorite restaurant in Atlanta?

RW: "That's as easy one. Stoney River Steakhouse in Duluth. There is no place in town better than Stoney River."

RR:What do you have there?

RW:"I always get the Bone-In Cowboy rib-eye steak with extra seasoning. They always bring me the loaded baked potato with no chives and no sour cream. That's a great meal after a Falcons' win, man."

RR:What is your favorite vacation destination?

RW:"The Dominican Republic because the water is blue and the women are beautiful."

RR: What's the one place you want to visit within the next year that you have never been to?

RW:"I am planning a two-week trip to Europe sometime during next offseason. I'm planning to go from country to country and just see and do it all. I've heard it's a fantastic place to see and I am looking forward to it."

RR:Do you trash talk to the opponent during games?

RW:"I talk to the DBs (defensive backs) all day. For four quarters, they've got to deal with me. They know I'm going to be there for four quarters, and I give them a hard time. I talk to them all – linebackers, defensive lineman – all of them. They've got me for four quarters. That's probably why a lot of those guys don't like me."

RR:Other than football, what are your passions?

RW: "I like to bowl. I average about 180 per game and I bowl about once per week during the season, and I'll go three or four times per week during the offseason. I'm so serious about bowling that I take my bowling balls with me on vacation."

RR: Which Falcons teammate is primed to have a big game on Sunday against San Francisco?

RW: "Harry Douglas. He's due. He's been in position to make a couple of big plays in the last couple of games and we've missed him. I really think this week will be a good week for HD."

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