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Behind the Facemask: Garrett Reynolds

Reggie Roberts:  You are two games into your fourth NFL season and you are the starting right guard for the 2-0 NFC South leading Atlanta Falcons.  How does that sound?

Garrett Reynolds:  Sounds good.  It's great.  It's going well so far.  We've got to keep working as a group, as an offense, and as an offensive line to keep improving.

RR:  You entered training camp this season locked in a fierce battle not only for the starting right guard spot, but for a roster spot as well.  How did you manage to keep your focus day in and day out and still manage to maintain that solid, smiling demeanor that you have?

*GR: *I blocked out all of the outside noise and simply focused on what I needed to do to become a better football player.  I've been playing and working the same way since I got here.  Instead of picking several things to concern myself with, I picked one aspect of my game each day during camp to improve upon, and I think that really helped.  Once I got that first aspect of my game under control, I moved on to the next thing I needed to fix.

RR:  What aspect of your game have you improved upon the most?

*GR: *I would have to say my pass protection.  I feel a lot more comfortable and more relaxed.  I feel like I understand it better and I am doing a much better job getting my hands up and being patient. I've gotten better, but there is still room to improve.

RR:  Offensive linemen usually end up with extremely pretty girlfriends and wives.  Why do you think that is?

*GR: *That's an easy one.  We're big, we're nice and we are protectors.  We call ourselves the 'big uglies' so when we find ourselves a cute one, we usually like to hang around.  The cute girls know that we are not going to go trailing off but lock on to them and stay put.  It's a confidence thing for them. They trust us.  We're not the super, good-looking guys catching all the touchdowns.  They don't have to worry about us not being around.

RR: What's on your iPod these days?

*GR: *I've got movies and I am reading the book "Fearless" (book about Navy Seal snipers).  I also listen to one of my good buddies named Chase Rice, who is an up and coming country music singer.  I also like Jack Johnson.

RR:  What did want to be when you were a kid?

*GR: *I wanted to join the military and become a Marine but I later decided that that would have been a very poor career choice based on how big a target I would have been.

RR:  Who is your dream date with?

GR: *That's an easy one. *Carrie Underwood.

RR:  You are at your favorite restaurant and you can invite five people.  Who would the five people be?

*GR: *Audie Murphy, John Wayne, Garth Brooks, Stonewall Jackson and Carrie Underwood.

RR:  I've had fans come up and ask me, 'How can a guy that big and strong be so nice and polite?  I tell them that it's a product of good parents and your good Southern upbringing. Is that close to being the truth?

GR:  I was raised in a great community and I had a great set of friends.  We policed each other and we helped each other — especially when one of us was about to do something stupid.  My mom has a great saying that I share with kids during my visits in the community – 'Show me your friends, and I will show you your future."

RR:  And finally, why is Falcons veteran center Todd McClure the smartest guy you've ever played with?

GR:He's been around the game for such a long time.  There are not many looks that he hasn't seen and he is a very good communicator.  He's helped me grow so much as a player.  He's bright, he's smart, and he always gets us in the right protection.  I love playing with him.

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