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Beauty After the Storm


As the first group of ladies got to sleep in and depart on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon, I was woken up by a 5 a.m. phone call from my coach, Chato Waters, to meet the glam team for hair and makeup.

After almost two hours of becoming the ultimate "glamazon," I was ready to hop into the taxi and drive over to the photo shoot location with veteran Shauna K.

While I watched in awe as she took effortlessly beautiful pictures, I spoke with fellow rookie Alice F. about her first calendar shoot experience. She pumped me up for what was in store for me, and she even showed me her battle wounds from lying amongst the rocks.

When it was my turn, we marched down to the rocky scenery and began to get picture ready.

My luck turned on me when it began to downpour. The camera crew rushed to a van while the hair and makeup crew hurried to cover me with a beach towel to guide me safely to the taxi.

I wish I could say this was the only time this happened.

After hiding from the rain another two times, we wound up shooting my pictures, as well as Tamara's and Katherine's, back at the hotel.

I believe this was a good thing, however. I wore a neon purple (yes, that is a color) swimsuit, and I wound up taking my pictures amongst a garden of purple and pink flowers. I felt like Eve in the Garden of Eden, peeking out of the trees.

During my photo shoot, I was instructed on my poses and facial expressions by Kate, or as I would like to call her, my "mirror coach." She did a great job being patient with me, for I have never modeled before in my life. I smiled for my final shot of the morning, sitting in a bed of flowers under the sun, and called it a day.

After my shoot, I was motivated to have a nice big lunch with some of the girls that are leaving this afternoon. It is safe to say that we all have shared a handful of memories during this trip.

I was inspired by all of the veterans, and even my rookie class, on how confident and stunning they looked in their pictures thus far. Regardless of the 16 lucky ladies who actually get to be in the calendar, I am extremely proud of myself and my teammates, and I am looking forward to seeing all of these gorgeous pictures!


Melissa Z.

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