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Beasley Adds to Offseason Workout Regimen

A few Falcons looked noticeably different on the fields during OTAs on Monday, one of those being 2015 first-round pick Vic Beasley, Jr.

With a commitment to getting stronger this offseason, Beasley consistently focused on his weight-training routine and modifying his diet.

Since the end of the 2015 season, Beasley is up eight pounds. His goal is to be 245 pounds at the start of the upcoming season, and he's certainly on his way.

"I have a good nutritionist and great trainer," Beasley said of his weight gain. "As far as my diet goes, I've tried to move a lot of things around and I have a lot of different choices in my diet now."

The second aspect of Beasley's routine that's changed this year is the addition of Pilates. The former Clemson Tiger said he's seen great results from incorporating this specific type of exercise into his workouts.

"Pilates has been a great addition to me [it helps my] core strength and flexibility," Beasley explained.

The 23-year-old believes the stronger he is the more beneficial he can be at his position.

"[When you are] rushing, you're going against tackles that are 300-plus pounds," said Beasley of why strength is essential to his game. "When I engage with tackles, I want to be able to bull rush because that's one of the moves I love to use."

It appears that Beasley will enter his second season bigger and more confident than he's ever been, and it all stems from the work he's put in this offseason.

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