Audition Diary: Nerves Set In


Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders auditions are coming up this week, and two-year team veteran Sara D. is well into her preparations for the grueling few days that will decide if she'll be back on the team for the 2011 season. Follow her path to auditions and beyond in her new diary that will be featured each week here on

It's here. It's real. I'm nervous.

Preliminary auditions for the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders begin Sunday. I feel a combination of nerves and excitement and I think about what not only Sunday holds, but the rest of the week, as well.

As a team, the veterans of the 2010-2011 squad learned the first half of the choreography Thursday night (you can read more about how I was feeling before that night in my last entry into my Audition Diary).

I've been practicing non-stop … literally (I ran into my neighbor this morning who kindly asked me to stop playing "that one song" over and over. Whoops!). I feel like I could do the choreography in my sleep, and I feel ready to get out there Sunday at the Georgia World Congress Center and jam this dance out!

As I've previously mentioned, the veterans of the team won't be formally participating in the preliminary event Sunday. But we will be there to help teach the choreography and answer any questions during the first few rounds of auditions.

I try to remember back to what it was like for me when I first auditioned. I knew no one, I was so nervous that my whole body was shaking and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I wish someone had told me that it was all going to be OK, and to enjoy the moment, because it flies by.

This audition should be fun, and it should be enjoyed. These are things that are easy to lose sight of when you're laser focused on a goal. It's a good thing to work hard and put 150 percent into what you do, but it's also easy to lose sight of the reasons why we do this: We do it because we absolutely love it.

When you're on that floor, in front of the judges, show why you want to be a part of this team. Let your passion flow through every inch of your body — trust me, it will be noticed.

I will never forget how nice and comforting the vets were when I auditioned for the first time. They were helpful with the choreography and smiled at me when I looked stressed out. I've made sure to remember that as I take that role on Sunday with the girls at prelims.

Come Wednesday, it's a whole different ballgame. Everyone is in it together, and that's when the intensity is real for the veterans as we mix in with the potential rookies. This is an absolutely grueling process, but it's also a once-in-a-lifetime one. If you're coming out on Sunday, don't lose sight of that! Be YOU, be excited and get your game face on!

I'll keep all you loyal Falcons fans posted about the process, and of course, how it goes Sunday! Thanks for sticking with me and reading about what the process is really like. I'm thankful for the constant flow of support, motivation, and well-wishes, and it's driving me to work harder, better, faster and stronger! I'm determined to be a part of this team once again!

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Sara D.

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