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#AskAndrew: Monday Falcons Mailbag

Jane C.: How is Joe Hawley looking/feeling?

From my vantage point, Joe Hawley is looking solid. He's playing with a lot of intensity and doesn't seem to be bothered by the knee he injured last year. The tenacious center is working at less than 100 percent health — such is the case when one tears an ACL — but he should be fine nonetheless.

David M.: Out of all the rookies, who's showing the best promise?

Vic Beasley, Jr. — no question. Although his burst off the snap is evident on tape, it's absolutely remarkable to see up close. He flashed that quickness on Sunday, which led Ryan Schraeder, who occassionally faced the rookie head-on, to declare Beasley the fastest defensive lineman he's ever seen. And Schraeder isn't one to mince words.

Anton A.: How has William Moore been doing during practice?

William Moore has looked extremely comfortable out there. He's a big fan of the new playbook, which allows defensive backs to play a simple, tough game by relying on their speed and physicality. Additionally, Quinn thinks Moore — who recently went under the knife to repair a damaged shoulder — appears healthy.

"He didn't look inhibited in anyway," the coach said on Sunday. "Certainly the speed and he is lighter in weight by design. He has really come in with a clear mind. For the first practice yesterday, there were really some plays that showed up to me, and I pointed and said that's the style I'm looking for."

Blake D.: With Trufant having one corner position locked down, who looks most likely to take the other outside corner spot? Alford or Collins?

Robert Alford is working with the first-team defense and hasn't given the coaching staff any reason to make a switch. Jalen Collins will get his opportunities, perhaps covering slot receivers or in the nickelback role. But, for now, he's a raw prospect with a lot to learn. He'd need to have a great preseason to receive substantial playing time out of the gate.

Angueria J: Are we done in our search for offensive lineman?

As Dan Quinn noted on Saturday, the Falcons are never done searching for outside talent. He believes Jake Long had an "awesome" workout in Atlanta and didn't rule out signing the veteran tackle.

Here's Quinn's full quote:

"I think we are interested in everybody, not just one specific player, but anybody, regarding to the team, that can help us perform better. Jake (Long) was certainly someone that came in and had an awesome workout here, so, Jake, amongst others, are always guys that we are going to keep looking and keep finding ways to compete in that way too. In every way that we can try to make our team better, Thomas (Dimitroff) and I together, are constantly going to do that."

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