#AskAndrew: Monday Falcons Mailbag

Jake Rodgers and Akeem King — selected in the sixth and seventh rounds, respectively — are projects and likely won't see the field much in 2015. Accordingly, Grady Jarrett is the answer by default. As I mentioned last week, expectations for the defensive tackle should be low at first; however, the natural skill, football I.Q. and potential are there. I wouldn't be surprised if Jarrett had a breakout performance late in the season akin to Ra'Shede Hageman's in Week 16 of last year.

It's definitely possible. Dan Quinn's system is proven to be effective, and the depth chart is, on paper, much improved. Question is, how long will it take players to adjust? Adapting to a new playbook — even a relatively simple one like Atlanta's — isn't easy. Learning the plays, audibles and techniques can be done now, but applying them in game situations can be extremely difficult. This is why preseason is especially important when a new coaching staff takes over. If the starters make a lot of mistakes during the exhibition schedule, there will be legitimate reasons to be concerned. On the other hand, if they play sound football and don't look out of place, Atlanta's defense should be ready to take a big stride forward in 2015.

It'll be a lot different. Check out this post from last week for more details on changes you can expect.

Stats on Marietta Street is a great option as long as you're willing to make a 15-minute walk to the game. Taco Mac at the CNN Center is my personal favorite. It's less than half a mile from the stadium, the atmosphere is great on Sundays and the drink selection is fantastic. Dantanna's, also at the CNN Center, is another place I'd recommend.

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