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Ask The Expert: Pete Prisco


Atlanta Falcons Vice President of Football Communications Reggie Roberts sits down with CBSSportsline's Pete Prisco to get his thoughts on the Falcons and the rest of the NFL:

Reggie Roberts: Give us your thoughts on the 2010 New Orleans Saints. Are they stronger than they were in 2009 when they won Super Bowl 44?

Pete Prisco: "I don't think the Saints are better. The defense overachieved last season. I'm not sure they can get all the takeaways they got in 2009. The ball bounced right. They will still be good on offense, but I'm not sure about the defense. And what about a Super hangover?"

RR: What about the 2010 Atlanta Falcons? Did you get a chance to get to Falcons camp and if so, what are your thoughts about head coach Mike Smith's team?

PP: "The Falcons are the best team in the division. They will be much improved on offense as Matt Ryan grows. When I saw them in camp, the thing that stood out was team speed. They are much faster. Plus, getting Michael Turner's weight down and keeping him healthy is key. Atlanta will win the NFC South."

RR: Do you think the New York Jets and their holdout CB Darrelle Revis will come to an agreement before the 2010 regular season starts?

PP: "I think Revis will play on opening day. Whether he has a new contract or not — probably so — he will play. You can't leave game checks on the field."

RR: How are the Denver Broncos going to use rookie QB Tim Tebow in their offensive package?

PP: "The Broncos will use Tebow in some 'gimmick' things. They will use him in short-yardage, some Wildcat, things like that. I don't see him taking snaps as a starting quarterback this year. And, to be honset, I'm not one of those who thinks he will ever be a quality starting passer in the NFL."

RR: The Green Bay Packers were a playoff team in 2009 and many experts say they have a chance to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Do you agree with that assessment?

PP: "I do think the Packers have a chance. I love Aaron Rodgers. He understands the passing-game concepts. He will put up huge numbers. The key will be that defense. Can Dom Capers get that unit to play well again? There is a talent, but that side of the ball was dreadful in the playoff loss to the Cardinals."

RR: Give us your thoughts about the team that plays in the town you live in — the Jacksonville Jaguars.

PP: "The Jaguars are building something the right way, which is through the draft. They have a lot of good, young players. They will be a feisty team. The problem is the quarterback isn't very good. David Garrard is limited in the passing game. This is a passing league. You have to be able to throw it well to win. The Jaguars can't. They will be 8-8 at best."

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