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Ask the Expert: Charean Williams


Reggie Roberts: The Atlanta Falcons are off to a blistering hot start and are the NFL's lone remaining unbeaten team.  They have won four straight road games for the first time in team history and are 29-6 at the Georgia Dome under head coach Mike Smith.  What kind of game are you expecting next Sunday night when the Falcons host the Dallas Cowboys on national television?

Charean Williams: A blowout. It won't be close. The Cowboys are emotionally spent after losing the way they did to the Giants at home Sunday. The Falcons probably, at some point, will lose a game they shouldn't lose by overlooking the opponent, but it won't be this week. They and their fans will be fired up for the Cowboys. 

RR: What's your take on all of the controversy that is swirling up in Philadelphia and do you expect that starting quarterback Michael Vick will be under center when the Eagles face the New Orleans Saints next Monday Night in New Orleans?

CW: Vick has been a turnover-machine. He is killing the Eagles. Of course, their defense hasn't been much better. They should have made the change at their bye week if they were going to do it. I think Vick starts this week, because this is a game the Eagles should win. But if he struggles, it won't surprise me to see Nick Foles replace him.

RR: Let's talk about the Cowboys. What's going on with Dallas and why have the Cowboys dropped three of their last four games?

CW: Turnovers. Turnovers. Turnovers. And yet more turnovers.... They have 19 turnovers and are minus-11 in turnover ratio. In their three victories, the Cowboys have five turnovers and are even in net differential. In their four losses, they have 14 giveaways and are minus-11. The Cowboys are one of only five teams to rank in the top 10 in offense and defense, but they can't hold onto the ball, especially Tony Romo, who has 15 of the 19 giveaways.

RR: After a rough preseason, did anyone in the NFL expect the Miami Dolphins to be 4-3 heading into NFL Week 9?

CW: No. I am an Aggie, so I watched every game Ryan Tannehill has ever played. He's played better than I thought he would play this season. The Dolphins defense has been solid, and Reggie Bush has given them a running game. I said before the season the Dolphins might not win more than two games. I obviously was wrong about this team.

RR: Give us your take on the 6-1 Bears, who are seemingly finding ways to win games in the fourth quarter. How good are the Bears?

CW: They've always played defense and been able to run the ball. The quarterback has been the question. If Jay Cutler doesn't implode, like he always does, they're legit. The Bears, though, do still play in the same division as the Packers, who have the league MVP. 

RR: Let's switch back to the Falcons, who rolled out of their bye week and snapped Philadelphia's 13-game win streak following bye weeks under head coach Andy Reid. How good are the Falcons?

CW: I have said for the past three or four weeks that the Falcons are the most underrated team in football. Nationally, no one is mentioning them as Super Bowl contenders. It's the Texans, 49ers, Packers, Giants. Matt Ryan probably will be my mid-season MVP.

RR: And finally, which NFL team, after a slow start, is starting to hit its stride as we enter the month of November?

CW: It's hard not to point to the Packers, who have won three in a row after a 2-3 start. The Broncos and Steelers also both started 2-3, and I think they'll be division winners at the end of the season. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Ask the Giants last season.

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