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There's a lot Falcons fans don't know about Julio Jones.

They know the storied career at Alabama, the bold move the Falcons made to add him to the roster and the stats he's beginning to create.

But do they know much more about No. 11?

Probably not, and Jones is mainly the reason for it. In his rookie season, he's working hard every day to simply fit into the offense. There's not a "me" bone in this guy's body and when the media speaks to him, they rarely hear anything other than respect for the opposition and vows to continue to improve.

Jones' is a gym rat kind of kid, and the Falcons love that about him.

He has two straight 100-yard games, last week gaining 127 on 11 catches. He wasn't around last season for the two meetings between Atlanta and Green Bay and he's not caught up in the hoopla of it all this season. He has a job to do and that's his sole focus.

According to Jones, his job is to give maximum effort on every snap no matter the circumstance, opponent or playcall.

"I just go out there and give it my all on every play," Jones said Wednesday. "It doesn't matter who I'm playing against or what the score of the game is."

There's expected to be a lot of chatter on the field Sunday night. The Super Bowl champs roll into town riding a 10-game winning streak dating back to last year and the prerequisite swagger that comes with it. The Falcons are tough to beat at home and take pride in defending their dome.

Do you think there will be some jawing at you on Sunday, Julio?

"Some of them talk and some don't," Jones said. "I never say anything to the defender. I just go out there and line up every play and give it my all every play."

The 22-year-old went on to say he doesn't care who he lines up against. Double-teams may present themselves or a Pro Bowl corner, but he doesn't care. His job is to go 100 percent and that's what everyone can expect from him every gameday.

As the gameplan for the Packers is installed, Jones doesn't yet know the details of his assignments, but he knows one thing: everyone on offense will be needed to defeat Green Bay. They've shown what they can accomplish when this happens, with Jones a focal point or otherwise. That kind of A-game will be needed.

"It's going to take all 11 of us to win the game, on offense, doing our jobs at the same time and being on the same page during the game," he said. "When my number is called and it's my opportunity to make a play, I'll try to make a play to the best of my ability. Mike T (Turner), if he's running the ball, we as receivers are going to block for him. It's going to take a team effort."

Against Philadelphia, Jones was game-planned against by the Eagles and it resulted in only two catches, but a win for the Falcons. In every other game, he's caught at least five catches. He was targeted 17 times last week by quarterback Matt Ryan and it shows the maturation of the relationship between the two is improving.

"All that means is that I'm getting a little more chemistry and timing with Matt," Jones said. "We're never satisfied. We've still got a lot of improvement. That's what we're working on today at practice. We're going to try to get better."

Never satisfied. That's something his quarterback probably identifies with in his young receiver. Ryan's another gym rat who is all-in for football. The two will continue to grow together as the other weapons on offense get their shots as teams take away Jones.

When you read between the lines of what Jones says each day as he stands in front of his locker, quietly answering the questions of the media, you realize that Jones is the perfect compliment to this offense. He's a guy that can play off Roddy White's enthusiasm while their games are mirror images.

They each have different personalities but there's no mistaking the fact that together the trio of Jones, White and Ryan mean business.

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