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5 Things to Know from Wednesday's Media Session

Worrilow Ready to Help CFAs: Paul Worrilow, a former college free agent, understands what it takes to earn an NFL job after going undrafted. Plenty of CFAs will arrive at Flowery Branch next week, and the veteran linebacker will be ready to give advice to those who ask.

"The biggest thing is just don't hold anything back," Worrilow said. "And special teams. For us undrafted guys, special teams is an avenue to making the team. It's just the truth of it. Just selling out in everything you can when you come in. When I was there, I got called by the wrong name for the first two, three weeks. … Zeke, they called me Zeke Motta. All that's irrelevant. It's what you do when your helmet's on and you're on the field."

Falcons Learn From Navy SEALs: Coach Dan Quinn brought some Navy SEALs to Falcons HQ this week to share their wisdom, and the players appeared to take away some important lessons from that experince. 

"They touched on all kinds of aspects. The biggest thing that came through was the communication with teammates. A lot of the stuff that they touched on is that everybody has to be on the same page and if somebody is not, you better get them on that page because this team is moving in a direction and we need everybody on board."

"(The main message was) just to push through the rough times," said Robert Alford. "In every game you're going to have some downs and you have to come together as a group and decide that you want to push yourself up out of it. You've got look to push the next person."

Alford Ready for Position Change: Like many NFL teams, the Falcons often play five members of the scondary at once. This is known as the nickel back formation. The nickel back, usually a corner who plays on the inside, is becoming an increasingly important asset, and Robert Alford is prepared to lock down that job.

"I'm good with it," he said. "Like I said once before, whatever it takes for this team to win, I'm willing to do it."

Freeman, Coleman Bulding a Strong Relationship: Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman have been competing at running back since the former was drafted. While the two are constantly battling for snaps, they've also become close friends.

"Me and Tevin were Facetiming the whole (offseason)," Freeman said. "He was in Africa. Our relationship—the bond just grew a lot, even though it's a competition. … Our relationship just grew stronger. We joke around all the time. It's fun."

Gaining Comfort in the Offense:"I think it's going to slow down for a lot of us—especially for me, just knowing my assignments, knowing what the coaches have been trying to tell us," Freeman said. "Especially on the outside zone (blocks) and stuff. … Everybody is going to be more comfortable, so I think you'll see a lot of guys flying around the ball."

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