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3 Takeaways from Quinn's Season-Ending Presser

Steve Sarkisian is the new offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons. Sarkisian comes from Alabama and has experience with the Oakland Raiders, USC and Washington.

Quinn Shares His Message

When the Falcons reconvened Tuesday at Flowery Branch, head coach Dan Quinn addressed a number of subjects with his players. One topic he spoke about was the fans – how the defeat hurt them, as well, and how the team has fostered a strong connection with the city.

"I want [the fans] to know it's just a stepping off part for us and what we can be moving forward," he said. "I'm pumped about that."

Quinn also brought up was the goals Atlanta set before the season – build the brotherhood, practice the right way, win the division, take care of the football, have the right mindset – and how they "owned that" throughout 2016.

And, of course, he touched on the Super Bowl.

"We have to own that, too. As competitors, that's the world we live in, and we go to battle for it at the best of stages, and this one didn't go our way," Quinn said. "But I also said we've got to get past that game and not allow that disappointment to go into the offseason."

The Players are 'Hungry as Hell'

People can react to a heartbreaking loss in plenty of different ways. Late Sunday night, and on Tuesday morning at Flowery Branch, the Falcons showed the outcome of SBLI will be used as a source of motivation. Their head coach has certainly noticed.

"We've got a fantastic team, you guys. And a bunch of them are hungry as hell and can't wait to go battle for it again," Quinn said. "That, to me, is what pumps me up so much and [is] why I'm able to turn the page today.

"Doesn't mean [the pain is] going to go away, but it does mean I understand what we're about. I understand what we're looking for going ahead. That's why I feel like we're just kind of getting rolling here. That fires me up too."

Quinn's SB Experience Continues to Help

The Super Bowl experience Quinn gained with the Seahawks proved valuable during Atlanta's playoff run this winter. Now, he believes his experience coming up short in the big game is helping in its own way.

Quinn told his players the lessons from SBLI can be found "all over," and if you don't learn those lessons, "the pain wasn't for anything."

"I want these guys to know this hurts like hell," he added. "I told them the same thing: 'I'm hurting too. And I want you to watch the game and then I want us to be able to move on. The longer we keep looking back in the rearview mirror, it takes away from everything that's moving forward.'

"I told them also they're just leaving the locker room today, they're not leaving the brotherhood. … The foundation has been laid down and built. And we're not backing off that one bit."

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