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3 Takeaways From Monday's Press Conference

Injury Update

The Falcons' linebacker corps sustained a couple of ailments against Carolina. Sean Weatherspoon injured an Achilles and had an MRI on Monday. The damage looks serious, Quinn said, who added that "it doesn't look good for a return (in 2016) at this point."

Deion Jones (calf) got banged up, as well, but, according to Quinn, the rookie felt better on Monday than he did Sunday night. The team will monitor his progress throughout the week.

With those two ILBs injured, along with Paul Worrilow (groin) and De'Vondre Campbell (ankle), the team will consider making a roster move on Monday or Tuesday, per Quinn.

Coleman Good to Go in High Altitude

In 2007, Steelers safety Ryan Clark, who has sickle cell anemia, lost his spleen and gall bladder after playing in the thin air at Mile High Stadium. Tevin Coleman has a sickle cell trait — in other words, he carries the sickle cell gene — which has led to speculation about his status for next Sunday's game in Denver.

Coleman and Clark's situations are different, however: Coleman doesn't have the disease itself, and Quinn is not aware of any limitations that would hinder the second-year running back.

"There's been a number of guys who've have sickle cell trait who've played in Denver over the last nine years, and certainly before then," Quinn said. "We fully intend on Tevin playing and playing well."

Reflecting on the First Quarter

Now 25 percent of the way through 2016, Quinn believes there's a lot of value in reflecting on the first quarter of the season while maintaining focus on the work that lies ahead.

"I think it's still a good process to go through as you get through, even for a player to say (to him), 'These are the things, over four games, that in your game, you're really doing well, and here's a couple things that we think you can improve upon,'" Quinn said. "It's part of the self-scout that we do as well — scheme-wise, offensively, defensively. So it is an important part of the process."

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