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10 Weirdest Questions From Opening Night

Opening Night brings out the WEIRDNESS of Super Bowl week. Thousands of credentialed media members huddled at Houston's Minute Maid Park to meet Atlanta Falcons players and coaches - asking several questions not even related to the game of football. Everyone from Jimmy Kimmel Live to Kel Mitchell from Good Burger brought their questions ready.

Here are the ten weirdest questions our players were asked during the craziness that is NFL Opening Night:

S Keanu Neal:

"If you were in a mayonnaise eating contest against Vince Wilfork, would you use a spoon, a fork, a knife, or your hand?"

OLB Vic Beasley:

"Can I shave your legs?"

FB Patrick DiMarco:

"If you had a message for Tommy Pickles, what would it be?" (DiMarco's answer: Go Falcons).

LB Sean Weatherspoon:

"What's your favorite word?"

CB C.J. Goodwin:

"Do you like lollipops? Do you like pickles?"

G Ben Garland:

"How many different hoodies have you ever worn in your life?"

T Tom Compton:

"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger… can I take your order?"

TE Jacob Tamme:

"Is the guy in this picture handsome?" (The picture was of the reporter.)

DT Courtney Upshaw:

"Who's the head coach of the Toronto Raptors?"

QB Matt Ryan:

"If you were on The Bachelor, who would you give a rose to?"

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