Videos - October 2022

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2022-10-02 Sideline Access | SCOREDARRELLE's leaping dive into the endzone for a BIG touchdown
2022-10-02 Marcus Mariota scrambles and finds Hesse for 22 yard gain
2022-10-02 Tyler Allgeier burst down sideline on 42-yard run
2022-10-02 Sideline Access | Dee Alford seals victory over Browns with CLUTCH INT in the closing seconds
2022-10-02 Younghoe Koo breaks 20-20 tie with 45-yard FG
2022-10-02 Arthur Smith: 'I believe in every player we play' | Press Conference | Browns vs. Falcons
2022-10-02 Casey Hawyward: 'bend don't break' | Press Conference | Browns vs. Falcons
2022-10-02 Elijah Wilkinson: 'everything paying off that we practiced' | Press Conference | Browns vs. Falcons
2022-10-02 Richie Grant: 'seeing is believing and we believe in each other' | press Conference | Browns vs. Falcons
2022-10-02 Kyle Pitts: 'establishing the line of scrimmage' | Press Conference | Browns vs. Falcons 
2022-10-02 Tyler Allgeier: 'getting it done as a collective group' | Press Conference | Browns vs. Falcons
2022-10-02 Falcons' Top Plays vs. Browns Week 4
2022-10-03 How Falcons came up big to beat Cleveland Browns in ‘big boy fight’ | Falcons Final Whistle
2022-10-03 Arthur Smith: 'there are no shortcuts' | Press Conference
2022-10-04 How the offensive line is creating space for the success of the Falcons run game | Film Review
2022-10-04 Tyler Allgeier's Best Plays vs. Browns Week 4
2022-10-04 Atlanta Falcons Top Plays through the first 4 games of 2022 | Highlights
2022-10-04 Sights and sounds from Atlanta Falcons win over Cleveland Browns | Gameday Wired
2022-10-05 Montana flag football teams meet Falcons in Seattle before week three against the Seahawks | Community
2022-10-05 How two wins signal Atlanta Falcons success vs Buccaneers | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-10-05 Arthur Smith speaks on being as sharp as we can | Press Conference
2022-10-05 NFC Team that's Impressed You the Most
2022-10-05 Head Coach Arthur Smith is Mic'd Up in victory over the Cleveland Browns
2022-10-05 Caleb Huntley: 'super fun experience' | Press Conference
2022-10-05 Isaiah Oliver: 'getting back to football' | Press Conference
2022-10-05 Chris Lindstrom: 'the mindset we bring everyday' | Press Conference
2022-10-05 Marcus Mariota: 'playing within our system' | Press Conference
2022-10-05 The BATTLE of the run game | On The Rise | Cleveland Browns vs. Atlanta Falcons
2022-10-06 A story of family: Mykal Walker discusses the joys of fatherhood
2022-10-06 Grady Jarrett: "At the end of the day I just want to make plays" | Press Conference 
2022-10-06 Battle for divisional lead | 3 game win streak | Hype
2022-10-07 Atlanta Falcons players volunteer in the community at Hometown Huddle
2022-10-09 Falcons' Defense stuffs Leonard Fournette on fourth-and-short to force turnover on downs
2022-10-09 Marcus Mariota takes off for 16 yard-gain on third-and-long
2022-10-09 Tyler Allgeier gashes Bucs' defense for 17 yard gain
2022-10-09 Avery Williams nearly breaks it open on spinning 30-yard kick return
2022-10-09 Caleb Huntley darts through Bucs' D for 22 yards
2022-10-09 Avery Williams slips through Bucs' D on way to 8-yard TD
2022-10-09 Drake London toe taps his way to 15-yard gain
2022-10-09 Marcus Mariota finds Khadarel Hodge in back of the end zone for 2-point conversion
2022-10-09 Drake London pulls in third-and-long catch with one hand to get first down
2022-10-09 Extended Highlights | Falcons vs. Buccaneers | Week 5
2022-10-09 Drake London: 'playing with a sense of urgency' | Press Conference | Falcons vs Buccaneers 
2022-10-09 AJ Terrell: 'next play mentality' | Press Conference | Falcons vs Buccaneers 
2022-10-09 Olamide Zaccheaus: 'lock in on little details' Press Conference | Falcons vs Buccaneers
2022-10-09 Lorenzo Carter: 'we're going to fight till the end' | Press Conference | Falcons vs Buccaneers
2022-10-09 Caleb Huntley: 'stick to what we do' | Press Conference | Falcons vs Buccaneers
2022-10-09 Jake Matthews: 'being on the same page' | Press Conference | Falcons vs. Buccaneers
2022-10-09 Arthur Smith: 'control what you can control' | Press Conference | Falcons vs. Buccaneers
2022-10-09 Marcus Mariota speaks on being better on 1st and 2nd down | Press Conference | Falcons vs. Buccaneers 
2022-10-09 Falcons' Top Plays vs. Buccaneers Week 5
2022-10-10 On Deion Jones trade, Grady Jarrett penalty, close loss to Tom Brady, Bucs | Falcons Final Whistle
2022-10-11 The finishing touch: Building out the classic red helmets
2022-10-11 Red helmet returns for week 6 | Falcons re-introduce iconic throwback helmet
2022-10-11 A.J. Terrell first reaction to the red throwback helmet
2022-10-12 Controversial calls, trades & turning points for Atlanta Falcons | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-10-12 PFF: Atlanta Falcons five highest-graded players through Week 5
2022-10-12 Kaleb McGary talks about life on and off the grid | Falcons in Focus
2022-10-12 Arthur Smith speaks on being excited for the challenge Sunday | Press Conference
2022-10-12 Heavy hitter Richie Grant is Mic'd up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Mic'd Up
2022-10-12 Ta'Quon Graham: 'continue to be in a position to make plays' | Press Conference
2022-10-12 Kyle Pitts: 'feeling good and ready to go' | Press Conference
2022-10-13 The Jared Bernhardt Story
2022-10-13 HOF tight end Tony Gonzalez talks Kyle Pitts: 'The future is bright' | GMFB
2022-10-13 Falcons coordinators speak on week six matchup against the 49ers
2022-10-13 Grady Jarrett: "Control the controllables" in upcoming game against the 49ers
2022-10-13 Troy Andersen: "We want to be physical" against 49ers | Atlanta Falcons | NFL
2022-10-13 Jake Matthews looks forward to playing against a tough 49ers defense
2022-10-14 Red Helmet | 49ers vs Falcons | Game Trailer
2022-10-16 Watch as throwback logos and endzones are painted on the field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium 
2022-10-16 Olamide Zaccheaus gets open over middle for 37-yard gain
2022-10-16 Mariota high-points MyCole Pruitt for top-shelf TD catch
2022-10-16 Avery Williams' picturesque spin move sparks 19-yard punt return
2022-10-16 Sideline Access | Wacky play leads to Terrell scooping up the fumble, Hawkins scoring the touchdown
2022-10-16 Mariota pinpoints London over middle for 15-yard pickup
2022-10-16 Freddie Falcon School Show Programs
2022-10-16 Sideline Access | Mariota fools the defense and walks in the endzone to put Falcons back into the lead
2022-10-16 Can't-Miss Play: Oliver leaps HIGH to intercept Garoppolo's bomb
2022-10-16 Extended Highlights | Atlanta Falcons vs. San Francisco 49ers | Week 6
2022-10-16 Post Game Celly | Behind the scenes as the team celebrates win over 49ers with 'Celly Brews'
2022-10-16 Arthur Smith: "These guys believe" | Press Conferences
2022-10-16 Falcons' Top Plays vs. 49ers Week 6
2022-10-16 Marcus Mariota's best plays from 3-TD game Week 6
2022-10-17 How Arthur Smith, Marcus Mariota helped put complete game together beating 49ers | Falcons Final Whistle
2022-10-17 Arthur Smith speaks on the growth of the team | Press Conference
2022-10-17 Jaylinn Hawkins on finding success, buying in and playing for each other | Press Conference
2022-10-17 Falcons win in super slow motion vs the 49ers | Phantom Cam
2022-10-18 Sights and sounds from week six against the San Francisco 49ers
2022-10-18 Marcus Mariota is Mic'd Up in 3 TD win over the San Francisco 49ers
2022-10-18 What Marcus Mariota is doing that makes his offense so special 
2022-10-19 How 3 phase football resulted in big win over 49ers | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-10-19 Arthur Smith: 'turning the page and working everyday' | Press Conference
2022-10-19 Charles London speaks on comfortability | Press Conference
2022-10-19 Darren Hall: 'this culture is different' | Press Conference
2022-10-19 Marcus Mariota speaks on playing for each other | Press Conference
2022-10-19 Marcus Mariota and Atlanta Falcons show out against the San Francisco 49ers | On the Rise
2022-10-20 Falcons coordinators discuss upcoming game against Cincinnati Bengals | Press Conference
2022-10-20 Arnold Ebiketie's journey from Cameroon to the NFL | Falcons in Focus Podcast
2022-10-20 Grady Jarrett: "We're up for a big challenge," against Bengals | Press Conference 
2022-10-20 NFC vs. AFC match up | Falcons vs. Bengals | Battle in the north | Hype
2022-10-23 Grady Jarrett gets to Joe Burrow for a BIG sack
2022-10-23 Tyler Allgeier plants feet on tarmac for dazzling TD flight
2022-10-23 Can't-Miss Play: Byrd goes FLYING to catch Mariota's 75-yard TD launch
2022-10-23 Avery Williams nearly goes the distance on 57-yard punt return
2022-10-23 Younghoe Koo caps wild first half with 43-yard FG
2022-10-23 Armstrong bats away Burrow's fourth-down pass to Higgins inside 30-yard line
2022-10-23 Mariota zips pass between two Bengal defenders for first down to Zaccheaus
2022-10-23 Kyle Pitts absorbs hit while making catch converting third-down
2022-10-23 Extended Highlights | Falcons vs. Bengals | Week 7
2022-10-23 Head Coach Arthur Smith's postgame press conference | Atlanta Falcons vs. Cincinnati Bengals
2022-10-23 QB Marcus Mariota's postgame press conference | Atlanta Falcons vs. Cincinnati Bengals
2022-10-23 Grady Jarrett: 'our best football is still ahead of us' | Press Conference Falcons vs. Bengals
2022-10-23 Kyle Pitts: 'we're still resilient' | Press Conference Falcons vs. Bengals 
2022-10-23 Richie Grant speaks on responding from this | Press Conference Falcons vs. Bengals
2022-10-23 Tyler Allgeier: 'we're still in a good spot' | Press Conference Falcons vs. Bengals
2022-10-23 Darren Hall: 'learn every single day' | Press Conference Falcons vs. Bengals
2022-10-23 Cornell Armstrong: 'keep improving and stacking days' | Press Conference Falcons vs. Bengals
2022-10-24 Analyzing Falcons loss, position in NFC South, and where they go from here | Falcons Final Whistle
2022-10-24 Arthur Smith speaks on getting started quicker | Press Conference
2022-10-25 Faith over Fear: The Erik Harris story | Features
2022-10-25 'Yeah Ty, I like that spike!' | Avery Williams, is mic'd up 
2022-10-26 How Falcons can rebound vs Panthers | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-10-26 Arthur Smith: 'the objective is to win and to win as a team' | Press Conference 
2022-10-26 Michael Pitre on running backs group, Sunday's matchup against the Panthers | Press conference
2022-10-26 Marcus Mariota on Panthers defense, getting 'back on track' | Press conference
2022-10-26 Drake London speaks on still learning the game | Press Conference
2022-10-26 Lorenzo Carter talks Georgia vs. Florida college football | Press conference
2022-10-27 Avery Williams on growing up on TV sets, his college days and the “walk-on mentality” | Falcons in Focus Podcast
2022-10-27 Grady Jarrett: "You can't let one performance beat you twice." | Press Conferences
2022-10-27 Falcons Coordinators speak to the media ahead of Panthers match up | Press Conferences
2022-10-28 Chris Lindstrom and his mom's battle against cancer 
2022-10-30 Adetokunbo Ogundeji is a heat-seeking missile on TFL
2022-10-30 Mariota's scrambling jump pass perfectly strikes Byrd for first down
2022-10-30 Mariota zips quick TD pass to Pitts for TE's second score of season
2022-10-30 Mariota connects with Pitts for 26-yard pass
2022-10-30 Sideline Access | Lorenzo Carter snags Walker's pass out of the air for a PICK SIX
2022-10-30 Can't-Miss Play: Lorenzo Carter's pick-six vs. Walker comes behind line of scrimmage
2022-10-30 Tyler Allgeier's all-out sprint for left pylon works on 25-yard TD catch
2022-10-30 Can't-Miss Play: Damiere Byrd's 47-yard TD puts Falcons on top with 2:14 remaining
2022-10-30 Mariota floors his gas pedal on 29-yard run to outside in OT
2022-10-30 Can't-Miss Play: Koo's 41-yard FG ends insane Panthers-Falcons game in OT
2022-10-30 Post Game Celly | Behind the scenes as the team celebrates wild win over Panthers
2022-10-30 Arthur Smith speaks on resiliency | Press Conference Panthers vs. Falcons
2022-10-30 Marcus Mariota: 'being a part of something great' | Press Conference Panthers vs. Falcons
2022-10-30 Marcus Mariota's best plays from 3-TD game Week 8
2022-10-30 Top Plays | Falcons vs Panthers | Week 8
2022-10-31 Mykal Walker: 'That was a roller coaster' | Press Conferences
2022-10-31 Rashaan Evans: 'The hardest thing right now is to maintain it and stay there' | Press Conferences
2022-10-31 Isaiah Oliver: 'There’s a lot of games left, and a lot of things can change' | Press Conferences
2022-10-31 Caleb Huntley: 'You just have to be locked in for every situation' | Press Conferences
2022-10-31 Jake Matthews: 'There’s no looking back' | Press Conferences
2022-10-31 How Marcus Mariota, Younghoe Koo, Falcons beat Panthers, rose atop NFC South | Falcons Final Whistle
2022-10-31 Arthur Smith is proud of the culture he has created within the Falcons locker room | Press Conferences