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On Deion Jones trade, Grady Jarrett penalty, close loss to Tom Brady, Bucs

Scott, Ashton and Tori analyze the reported Deion Jones trade, where the Falcons moved the veteran inside linebacker to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night. We break down the details of the deal and how it benefits the Falcons, plus we go over Deion Jones career in Atlanta. Then we get to the big moment of the day, a 21-15 loss to Tampa Bay, and the roughing-the-passer penalty that proved costly to the Falcons comeback hopes. We also talk about the Falcons issues early in the game, and how improving them can save Atlanta from dire straits late in the game.


(00:01:16): Breaking down reported Deion Jones trade to Cleveland and what it means

(00:07:45): State of Falcons ILBs after Deion Jones trade

(00:09:13): Putting a bow on Deion Jones' time in Atlanta

(00:11:15): Breaking down Grady Jarrett roughing-the-passer-penalty, what was said about it

(00:22:28): How Falcons doing better early can avoid problems late in game

(00:26:00): Playing without Kyle Pitts, Cordarrelle Patterson

(00:28:49): What Falcons must improve moving forward